Highs and Lows

Well, it’s been a s****y week over here. This week has been a roller coaster of emotions, from highs to lows.

French By Design

Let’s start with the lows : Maya fell at cheer practice. She got home from practice in tears, saying her shoulder was very painful [the coach did not bother to check]. After icing and giving her ibuprofen, I figured it was pointless to run to the pediatric emergency room, and hoped she’d wake up all fresh and new, just bruised. And the mother of the year award goes… to me! Sure enough, the next morning, the pain was still strong so I called the pediatrician who took us in the same morning. After an Xray, they found that Maya disconnected 2 bones on her shoulder – ouch, just thinking of it makes me gag a bit, right? They got us an emergency appointment with a Stanford Children’s hospital specialist, and here we are today: an arm and shoulder brace, 4 weeks off any physical activity, and follow-up appointments in the coming weeks to assess what’s next : surgery or physical therapy if her body does the healing correctly. Smashing! This 2016 year has been the worst for us health wise – no, scratch that, things could be a lot worse. But still, I want my money back, 2016, fo’ real.

French By Design

On the high side, the FrenchbyDesign blog was nominated for the vtwonen Meet the Blogger award 2016 on a shortlist of 10 blogs! I know it doesn’t mean much compared to our health mishaps, but in the light of this week’s events, it felt darn good to be recognized for my work among my peers.

French By Design

I’ll stare at the pictures of this pretty bouquet from Tulipina, trying to stay positive and tackle any crap and lemon life is throwing at us. Wishing you a nice weekend. Hope things are good and eventless on your side of the world. Xo, blog friends, Si-

Photography French By Design – Bouquet by Tulipina


18 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear. It sounds awfully painful. Wishing your girl a speedy recovery. Also, you need a glass of wine. Or two :-)
    PS: I voted! Love your blog!!

  2. I’m a bit down that I didn’t see my name’s blog in the list, but was so excited when I saw your name. Your blog was the only one I really knew, so you are getting my vote. To bad I can make it to the event. So i wish you all the best and hope you win. And all the best for your daughter.

    1. Thank you @Huub! Sorry you didn’t make the shortlist – honestly, I don’t even know how I got there in the first place! Thank you for your sweet words. Xx-

  3. O please don’t worry, our daughter fell down on the ice once (cried hard about it) She hurt her arm, I told her to put some snow on it and we hung in a scarf (like a mitella). I was in a hurry to pick up my other child (road conditions were terrible, we couldn’t drive faster than 30km/hour). After dinner (yes…) we decided to go to the ER, turned out her arm was broken. But the nurse said that what we had done was just right. Also the ER had been swamped with injured people the whole afternoon due to the slipperyness (and by then it was deserted). I did hear later that if something breaks and it’s swollen, with some bones they can’t actually make any proper pictures until the swelling goes down.
    As they say “Stuff happens”, and as a parent you do your very best. I hope your child is as good as new when she recovers and that you are able to “let it go”.

    1. Ha, glad to read this happens to other moms as well! Thanks for sharing your story, @Simone!

  4. Oh no, poor Maya! And poor you, suffering with her! I hope she will be better soon or at least somehow arrange well with the situation during the next weeks! Good luck for the award. You have my vote! Wishing you a relaxing weekend! xx, B

  5. Quelle semaine!!! Prompt rétablissement à ton adorable fille!! J’espère qu’elle n’aura pas besoin de chirurgie. La vie de parent.. une vraie montagne russe.

    Les couleurs du bouquet et le bouquet sont magnifiques et inspirants. La nature est si surprenante par la variété de nuance de couleur qu’elle offre! J’ai aussi voté et suis bien heureuse de pouvoir soutenir le magnifique et inspirant travail que tu fais sur ce blog. Plein de soleil et de couleurs automnales du Québec.

    1. C’est bien vrai, être parent, c’est une montage russe. On croise les doigts pour éviter la chirurgie, qui l’immobiliserait beaucoup plus longtemps – en plus, c’est son épaule gauche et la pauvre est gauchère. Vraiment la quille pour prendre les notes en classe :-(
      Bon weekend à toi et à ta tribu,et mille mercis pour tes si gentils mots sur mon blog, @Clara! Xo-

  6. Theres absolutely nothing worse than our daughters getting hurt…I feel you! Sending good vibes your way!!! And you got one more vote!!!!

  7. Hello, Si. I hope Maya’s arm heals well and quickly, certainly so that it doesn’t require surgery. Fingers crossed. I also voted for you, oh ye with the always lovely blog. Also sending vibes for better health and happiness for the fall, winter, and new year. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Haha, yes, please, send vibes so we’re done with health crap for the rest of the year, @Ardith! Thank you so much for your support and sweet words. Sending love and colorful bouquets your way! Xo, Si-


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