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Hello dear FrenchByDesign readers! I am so happy to share my new office pictures with you. Remember my post last week about imperfect walls and how I used them as inspiration for my office? Well I did as you can tell! I had had some craving for a green wall for a while – don’t ask why, I have absolutely no idea. All I know is that I needed a green wall in my life. And I’m so happy I did – thanks again to all the IG friends that gave me some advice during my long and painful decision process. You guys rock!

So here is a tour of my home office, shot by talented photographer Radostina Bosseva, whom you already probably know from the delicious 79 Ideas‘ blog. Oh, and if you want to see more of my home through the magical lens of Radostina, go have a look at her blog. She took a few shots of the rest of our home. Bienvenue in my Miss Daisy’s office! Xx-

office3 frenchbydesign blog wm

office6 frenchbydesign blog wm

office5 frenchbydesign blog wm

office4 frenchbydesign blog wm

office2 frenchbydesign blog wm

Art direction and styling FrenchByDesign – Photography Radostina Bosseva


24 thoughts on “Visit | My home office

  1. Yes, agree with all!! Great colour esp with the seasons turning. And what beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing((:

  2. Magnifique … pouvez vous me donner les références de cette couleur SVP ?

    1. Bonjour Laurence! C’est le Hidden Falls de la marque Benjamin Moore. Il me semble qu’il y a un coloris très semblable chez Farrow and Ball – Chez Ressource probablement aussi… un vert qui tire doucement vers le gris. A bientôt! Xx-

    1. C’est bien vrai, Virginie. Mais l’idée de peindre un pan de mur tout entier pour m’en lasser rapidement et devoir passer 5 couches de peinture pour revenir au blanc ne m’enchantait guère, d’où l’hésitation. Avec ce fini imparfait de ligne de peinture qui ne monte pas jusqu’au plafond, ce sera moins de boulot le jour ou j’ai envie de changer de couleur… mais j’adore ce vert, alors il va rester pendant un moment. Bise à toi!

  3. Wow, thank you Si, for your kind words. Your office is amazing.
    And the day I spent with you was so cool.

  4. Wow, it turned out perfect, Si. It adds so much depth to the place. And I know that feeling of craving a green wall very well – I just cant figure out, which wall to paint in my apartment :D

    1. Haha, so this green thing must be an epidemic!
      Thank you Johanne!

  5. SI!!! It’s fabulous. I just returned to my computer and got my first long awaited peek. I love how the green wall is the same as the rug. You have pools of verdant green to bathe in now. The wall actually looks like velvet. By the way, where did you find that lucite pencil case on your desk??? Yvonne :)

    1. Hey Yvonne! The lucite pencil case is from Muji. So glad you like my new workspace. Thanks so much for your valuable input and cheering words during the process! Xx-

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