Pretty for summer : Nail Glow

I don’t wear a lot of makeup throughout the year, but this rule especially applies to summer : no foundation [more spf], no heavy makeup, I want my skin, lips and nails to breath and show a nice healthy glow. But a little cheating always helps, right? So I thought it’d be fun sharing the beauty products I discover, try and adopt with you during summer.

Beautiful for Summer | Dior Nail Glow - FrenchByDesign

Recently, on my trip back from Europe and while waiting for my plane to board in the duty free area of the airport, I got a new nail product from Christian Dior, called Nail Glow. It’s a nail enhancer that gives your natural nails a shiny, healthy glow, and I’m hooked – I mean j’aDior ;-)

Nail Glow dries almost instantly and can be applied on top of a one pink coat or solo. It gives your nail a healthy, sun kissed finish, very natural for summer. I highly recommend. Xo, Si-


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    1. Hey @Angelina, you are very welcome! I really, really like this – and hiding it from my teen girls who always borrow my nail polish bottles ;-)

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