#HowtheFrenchLive: The bedroom of Mila, 13.

The bedroom of Mila, 13.

Today, I’m sharing the lovely room of Mila, one of the family members presented in How the French Live. Mila is 13, and she lives in Cazaux, a small French town in the bay of Arcachon, near Bordeaux.

#HowtheFrenchLive: The bedroom of Mila, 13.

Mila is girly, but she also is passionate about sports : gymnastic, skating, surfing, whatever new activity she tries, she excels at. The outdoors is Mila’s true call – after all, Dad is from New Zealand, so the call of the outdoors might just be in Mila’s DNA… However, this doesn’t mean Mila is not like your typical teenager, so, with the help of her mom, Karine, French blogger extraordinaire at Bodie and Fou, Mila decorated her room according to her personality: her “California-laid-back” room features both feminine elements and eclectic pieces reflective of her passion for sports.

I love how mom and teen agreed to update an old wooden armoire with a fresh coat of pastel pink, or the vintage desk painted in a soft shade of aqua blue. Then Mila created moodboards on her walls to personalize the space.

I was very inspired by Mila’s eclectic room and I particularly loved hearing the story of mom and daughter creating a visual moodboard together.

#HowtheFrenchLive: The bedroom of Mila, 13. #HowtheFrenchLive: The bedroom of Mila, 13.

How do you handle decor updates in your kid’s or teen’s room? Do you choose solo, or do you make it a team project? I’d love to know! Xo, Si-

#HowtheFrenchLive: The bedroom of Mila, 13.



Pictures by me for How the French Live, 2018.


6 thoughts on “The bedroom of Mila, 13.

  1. I love how fresh this space is! So much beautiful natural light mixed with a pretty color palette. Love the fact that little Mila has a lot of personality and interests and how they’re all represented! Great design.

    1. Thank you @Lindsey! I agree, the mom-daughter team did a fab job! ♡

  2. She was so excited to be featured on your blog! Great pictures Si and thank you so much for featuring us in your beautiful book! It’s really a great read

  3. That’s funny, I thought you also had a 13 year old girl named Mila. But she’s the one I know, I follow Bodie and Fou ☺️ I like this bedroom and sometimes I feel like having a teen bedroom for myself. I didn’t have one of my own when I was a teen, and I’ve never really completely do a bedroom for myself…

    1. Haha, yep, it’s the same gorgeous Mila indeed! I’d say go for it, @Louise! It’s your bedroom after all, and maybe just adding a touch of pink here and there – through some blush duvet linens or on the walls – could be just perfect for you! Xx-

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