Spring '19 Mixtape, by French By Design

Mixtape #8

It’s finally here! The new Spring playlist curated by the one and only, mister FBD! This sweet man of mine spent his walks with Daisy selecting his favorite tunes to share with us for this Spring mixtape #8…

Spring '19 Mixtape, by French By Design

Spring on the patio || MIXTAPE NO.8 || Listen on Spotify

I love the fact that somehow, this Spring mixtape totally fits the other playlists I’ve shared before, with a bit of a twist: this new mixtape is inspired by Mister’s global travels, from tribal percussions and beats to Japanese new emerging rap artists (Nine-O-Six’s Pizza for example was recently discovered in an indie shop in Tokyo!) … It’s like traveling the world through a music journey… There must be a good reason I married this fine man 21 years ago today! Happy anniversary my love if you read this, and a happy official Spring season to you, sweet reader of this blog. Xo, Si-

In case you missed it…

Top image: The view from our San Francisco rooftop patio (full project coming soon!)

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Photography Siham Mazouz for French By Design


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