Hello 2018!

Hey there! I’m back from my Morocco trip, traveling from Marrakech to the Berber country and the Sahara desert. I can honestly say that this was a life changing adventure – and one of the most memorable trips of my life.

It is with the deepest love, admiration and gratitude for our planet and its people that I wish you a beautiful and happy new year.

There is still so much beauty and love in this world.


#SeeGood2018 | French By Design#SeeGood2018 | French By Design

My travelogue post is coming soon. Happy new year! Xo, Si-


7 thoughts on “Hello 2018!

  1. Social media + a few previous books I’ve read are all making me want to go on a vacation to the deserts, honestly. Added to my bucket list, I guess. Totally gonna look at your posts linked there. Must’ve been a terrific experience! x

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes, you must go! Currently editing 500+ pictures, so the post is coming soon, and I’ll try to share my tips and addresses as well. Happy new year @Joanne!

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