Visit: Our San Francisco Rooftop patio | French By Design

Visit: Our Rooftop patio

Oh hey there! Today, I’m taking you outdoors for a visit of our favorite gathering spot at home: our San Francisco rooftop patio!

Visit: Our San Francisco Rooftop patio | French By Design

When we first visited this apartment, I remember stopping on my tracks when I discovered the “trash can” area, an unloved outdoor area connecting to the kitchen where all the city trash bins were stored. What I saw was the breathtaking view of the city of San Francisco…

I also saw the huge potential of this outdoor space, and how I could easily transform it into an urban jungle perched 3 stories above the street level. My little Provence garden! So I moved my old planters, added some lightweight fabric pots or metal planters to play with textures, added some string lights as well as small spotlight fixtures, a few solar sticks for the evening mood and voilà! My little “guinguette” garden was born!

For the plants, I picked mostly Mediterranean species: lavender, rosemary, santolina, thyme, sage, an olive tree, a Meyer lemon tree, a Mission fig tree or a jasmine vine. To hide our 3 San Francisco city trash bins (not pictured!), I positioned a planted bamboo as a green screen, away from the general view. With such a glorious view of San Francisco, who wants to see trash cans? ;-)

Visit: Our San Francisco Rooftop patio | French By Design
Visit: Our San Francisco Rooftop patio | French By Design

As much as I’ve tried taking still shots of this magical space and how we live in it, something was missing. So I commissioned one of my favorite artists in the whole world and filmmaker en herbe, Inès – who just finished her freshman year of cinema studies in Los Angeles – to create a video tour of our patio! Ready? Bonne visite!

Video credits: Direction & editing by Inès; Soundtrack “Mornings” by Jeff Kaale (Pollen)

I got a lot of questions on Instagram messaging about the products I use in our patio, so here are my favorites:

Visit: Our San Francisco Rooftop patio | French By Design

I use terracotta watering stakes (and recycle colorful liquor or wine bottles as water containers). These clever little stakes keep your potted plants hydrated and drip the needed amount for each plant. When the bottle is empty, simply refill so the plant stays hydrated between two deep waterings.

My sister recommended me these little magic Earth Pods! They look like vitamin pills and you just have to push them as deep as you can into the potted plant roots. It’s packed with minerals and plant health elements!

And finally, the soil! If you can find the most organic, naturally-made compost (or make your own compost!), your garden will show you a lot of love! I recently discovered a lovely neighborhood plant nursery, Plants and Friends, and they sell their own potting soil. I am a happy gardener now!

If I missed any information, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section!

Happy gardening friends! Xo, Si-

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    1. Thank you @Molly!
      This is an old pot we got in Morocco when we lived there and moved (cleaned and empty) in our international move.
      I’ve seen similar terracotta ones in the Southwest USA (Arizona, etc…). Xx, Si-

  1. Amazing! This patio is just perfect. Can I move in? LOL
    Thanks for sharing the good gardening tips!


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