Packing for Japan

I’m about to embark on a trip to Japan with a girlfriend of mine. We will be spending a little more than a week in Tokyo, with a possible short trip to Kyoto, which I didn’t have time to visit on my last trip. I am so excited, as the trip departure is approaching soon, yet so behind on work! Ha, Japan, a country I fell in love with a year ago on my first visit! I can’t wait for the culture, the food, the sight seeing, the design and some shopping as well.

Packing for Tokyo | French By Design

Here is my wishlist/packing list for Japan. I’m planning on packing comfortable, yet stylish clothes and super comfortable shoes, because last time I went, I walked extensively through Tokyo’s neighborhoods.  And of course, my beloved small camera that fits into my small bag, because my DSLR camera is so heavy to carry around, I end up always leaving it in the hotel room and regretting not having it with me.

Packing for Tokyo | French By Design

1. APC Coat —here

2. APC Sac Demi-Lune —here

3. Vince Sleeveless Funnel Neck Wool & Cashmere Sweater –similar here

4. Vince Stitch Front Leggings –similar here

5. Common Projects Boots —here

6. Olympus Pen Camera —here

7. Suit Suit suitcase —here

Any neighborhoods, shops, cafés of Tokyo or Kyoto you specifically recommend for me that I may have missed on my first trip? Xo, Si-

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15 thoughts on “Packing for Japan

  1. Good for you!!!Kyoto will be for sure very beautiful. I recently read an article about the renaissance of craft tradition.. and his link with a few designers in France. I will intend to send you the today or tomorrow!

    I wish a very inspiring trip!!!


    1. Thank you SO much Clara! I’ll make sure I report back if we get to go to Kyoto. Xo-

      1. Katsura is the Emperors garden with teahouse. It’s a bit on the outer sides of Kyoto. In the centre of Kyoto there’s a big park with offices for the Emporal household. You can make reservations there. If you’re lucky they will have some open slots. The tour is in Japanese. It’s a great time to go to Japan, all the maples are going red now.
        I can recommend the temples in Nikko as well. It’s a one hour trainride from Tokyo, to the north.

  2. I love your travel selections, Si. And I envy your trip to Japan. I haven’t been for years, but the memory is still wonderfully fresh. Have a fantastic time. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Oh merci @Ardith! I’ll try to document my trip and share it if I can. Xx-

  3. I’m so excited to see how you travel through Japan! I went for the first time in March and absolutely fell in love. My dad and I went to Tokyo and Kyoto, and I found that I really loved Kyoto. Even though it’s still a large city, it was more manageable for me than Tokyo. I hope you make it to Kyoto, it’s truly a magical city! :)

    I loved the bamboo grove in nearby Arashiyama. It was so calm and peaceful, definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Of course, you must go to Ippudo if you can. They have some branches in Paris and New York, but nothing compares to the one in Kyoto. Have so much fun.

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