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My new hair

Drum roll, please! I cut my hair a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to show you my new face!

I’ve been debating for a few months about changing my hair. I’d been sporting a shoulder-length bob for a few years now, and I was in need of a change to fit the new “me”. So I called my favorite hairstylist, George, because I knew that he would never let me do something he didn’t believe in. When I arrived at his salon, he double checked we were not only updating the bob, and I proudly announced – but I may have simply whispered it because I was borderline chickening out – that yes, I was ready and we were cutting short. We looked at pictures on Pinterest and George sat me at his station chair, took a ponytail worth of hair and cut it abruptly. Taken by surprise, it took me a couple of seconds to realize what had just happened. Then George, with his contagious smile and even more contagious energy said: “Let’s get you a new face, girl, it’s too late to change your mind now.”

And just like that, as I watched the growing pile of my own hair on the floor, I took a deep breath, and simply said goodbye to my old self.

My new hair | FrenchByDesignMy new hair | FrenchByDesign

I love my new hair. I feel stronger, empowered, liberated. I feel like… me! Like literally!

Changing my hair felt like a natural progression of what I’m going through right now. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, or the fact that I’m about to enter a new phase in my life, with my 2 daughters imminently leaving for college, or the experience I’ve lived last year while shooting How the French Live, but the change is profound.

Here is to new beginnings, to more daring, to stop wondering and to just DO things that feel right. Speaking of more daring, I finally took the courage to speak with my embarrassing French accent for my new book trailer [which you can watch here]. What’s up with accents by the way? I despise my accent and tried for so long to get rid of it – my girls eventually lost theirs, I never did. And then, I gave up. My accent is who I am, and I can’t change it. To my surprise, my fellow Instagrammers embraced it – when I thought I would sound ridiculous. Funny how personal complexes work, don’t you think? Xo, Si-

Hair by George at Hair Collective – Photography Sandra Fazzino [title and top 3 pictures] and Maya [last picture].


30 thoughts on “My new hair

  1. Your hairstyle is very flattering. You look more than a little like Robin Wright. I’d trade places in a second!
    Re accents: I once watched a movie here with Jodie Foster and waited for the credits to see who dubbed her because her French voice sounded exactly like her regular one. Turned out it WAS her. She studied in France during college. Excellent accent.
    However, accents are hard to eliminate later in life. I haven’t succeeded yet. I am sure everyone finds yours très chic.

    1. Thank you @Taste of France. Woah, Robin Wright? I wish, but this is a great compliment, thank you! Xx-

  2. Magnifique!!! Tu es resplendissante!!! Tu sembles l’assumer pleinement))) Vraiment très inspirante cette affirmation de soi!!! Jusqu’à l’infini et plus loin encore!!!! Bonne semaine!

    1. Merci @Clara! Oui je me sens réellement moi, et ça fait un bien fou! Bises, Si-

    1. Aww, thanks @Beth! It took me a while to dare, but I’m so happy I did! ♡

  3. You are indeed a most marvelous, empowered version of beautiful you…complete with gorgeous smile. Cheers, Ardith

  4. I love a French accent! Your’s is an interesting one – more American, less French. My Mother-in-law has been living in Africa since her teen years but still sounds as French as ever, I think she holds onto her accent as a way of holding onto her heritage.
    Your hair and book look fab too!

    1. Haha, I know, my accent is strange. I learned U.K English in my French Lycée high school, then moved to the US for studying, and now after 8 years or so of living in America, I think my accent has evolved but will never go away. Oh well, my daughters still giggle sometimes at the way I say words, like “pillow” or “beach” because sometimes, they just come out wrong with my accent ;-)
      Thank you @Suzi, for your kind words about my new face and my book! Xo, Si-

  5. I think your hair looks really fab! Very chic! Like a true French woman. Congrats on the book! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. ;)

  6. You are very beautiful and I think this new hair cut is wonderful. I love your blog and read it all the time

    1. Oh, merci beaucoup, @Sylvie! So happy you are inspired by my blog! Thank you!

  7. I love your hair you look beautiful. I am so tired of long hair on women in general and women older than 40 in particular to be honest. It just looks so tired and dated. Like some kind of trend from the past.

    1. Thank you so much, @Simone!

      I used to think the same way you do; that after a certain age, women should have shorter hair. I don’t think there is a rule. I know women that are past their 50s who wear their long hair with such panache, confidence and style. I think it needs to feel right, to feel like you. My main issue was that my longer hair was ALWAYS in a sad, undone, bun or ponytail. It’s cool and cute when you are my daughters’ age, it’s not at mine. I am having so much fun styling my hair, using mousses or gels and owning my new style! And I also noticed that I’m more feminine since I cut my hair : more lipstick, more earrings. It’s so much fun! Cheers, @Simone!

      1. PS Yes I get that and I agree. I was a bit too absolute for instance Emmylou Harris always looks great with her long (white) hair. And I have a daughter who has gorgeous long hair. In those cases it does have a certain natural inevitability about it.

  8. WOW! WOW! And then WOW again!! Si – this is amazing in so many damn ways. You are a girl on fire. and that hairstyle was obviously meant to be. You are owning it. Bold, sassy, fresh and putting it out there. Keep on rollin’…… you’re inspiring me. Seriously!!!

    P.S. This seriously makes me want to pay a visit to George.

    1. Oh my goodness, I’m blushing here! Thank you SO MUCH @Yvonne! I do really feel pumped up but comments like yours bring it to a whole new level! Thank you for being so supportive during this life edit! ;-)

      1. PS: Do pay a visit to George, you’ll love him as well as the dreamy space he works at. Xx-

  9. Hey hey Si!

    I love the new style. I think it’s very sophisticated. And about the accent. I mean, c’mon. Having a French accent is sweet. Embrace it.

    I had a baby girl German accent when I moved back to the states and now it is forever gone though I wish I still had it. Now I have a strange American accent that is both Midwestern and Southern all at the same time. ;-)

    oh well – la di da. life is funny.


  10. Qué bien quedaste con ese nuevo corte de cabello!!! Felicitaciones!! hay que animarse, los cambios siempre vienen muy bien!! Felicitaciones por tu blog, me encanta. Un saludo desde Montevideo, Uruguay.

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