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What’s in your beauty bag?

I got a lot of questions recently about my skincare routine and lipstick shade color, so I thought it’d be fun to share with you what’s in my beauty bag these days. 

Before we start, here is a recap sheet about me, and my skin.

I am 46 years old, and I have a dry sensitive skin. I have Rosacea that gets worse with alcohol, spicy food, stress, lack of sleep or self care, sun exposition, weather elements – and any other good reason my skin can find these days.

I am also experiencing the joys of early menopause signs, with a dryer than normal skin, and the products I had been using for a while, my go-tos, are not helping anymore, so I’ve been searching for natural, organic products — because if I care about what I eat, shouldn’t I care about what I put on my skin as well?

Then, earlier this year, I discovered though my sister the power of serums and she recommended me to check Odacité. Have you heard about this brand? It’s a great story! A female entrepreneur and cancer survivor couldn’t find the right products (organic, pure, safe…) when her body was healing, so she created a line of plant-based serums and skincare products, and I can tell you that I’ve seen unreal results with Odacité Sensitive + Redness Serums on my own skin, after only a few weeks of treatment so far.

I use the Ap+P (Apricot+Palmarosa) & Ca+C (Camelina+Chamomile) serums in very small doses either in the morning on a clean skin, before applying my SpF day cream, or (even better) at night, on a clean, makeup-free skin, before applying my antioxidant repair night cream. As you know, it’s at night that your skin regenerates the most. I’ve been using Odacité’s Night Time Repair Serum (again, recommended by the sis) and feel my skin refreshed and highly rehydrated in the morning.

For my day cream, I’ve recently switched to Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream. I love its texture, and above all, the fact that it has an spf30 in it: in sunny year-round California, it’s a must!

What's in your beauty bag | Best 40+ skins beauty products - FrenchByDesign

For my make up, because my skin’s redness has greatly reduced, I can go with a simple pressed brush powder to illuminate my skin, then a soft pink eyeshadow from Chanel, The Longwear Cream Eyeshadow, Scintillance (804). I adore the creamy texture of these eyeshadows and they are so easy to apply; I then finish with my favorite mascara of all times, The Natural Glossy Mascara from Clinique to dress my lashes; This mascara gives natural, long lashes without leaving residues.

Shown Above:
Les Beiges, Healthy Glow Luminous Colour Medium, Chanel
Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick  “Rouge Spencer” #57, Yves St Laurent
Natural Glossy Mascara from Clinique

If I want to fill my brows a bit when I go out on a date or event, I use the Gimme Brow from Benefit (#1).

What about the lips?

I have three products that I use for my lips on rotation lately:

  • For a natural pink lip, I love the Dior Addict Extreme (Avenue #667), it’s got the perfect creamy texture and I love feeling like I’m moisturizing my lips while coloring them with a soft shade of pink. I am not a matte lipstick fan for sure. You? I have to apply a light contour crayon before applying my lipstick, because #40+yearoldlips tend to get “bleedy” lipstick lines, and it’s not pretty. I apply the Sephora Lip Liner to Go in Pale Beige (#14) with this pink shade lipstick.
  • For a red lip, I’ve recently purchased the Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick from YSL, and I am a huge fan of the moisturizing texture it leaves on my lips. I use the Sephora Lip Liner to Go in Deep Ruby (#04).
  • If I don’t want to apply any color but want to treat my dry lips (and get a miraculous va-va-voum lip pump effect (si, si, for real, you will notice your lips pumped after application!), I use Odacité’s Lip Serum and highly recommend it. 

What about you? What beauty product have you tried and liked recently? Any recommendation?

Voilà my dear, you now know all my latest beauty secrets! Beyond that, I’d say wear your self confidence and don’t forget to laugh, this is the best beauty accessory you’ll ever wear! Xo, Si-

What's in your beauty bag | Best 40+ skins beauty products - FrenchByDesign

Photography Siham Mazouz & Maya B. (last picture) for French By Design

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4 thoughts on “What’s in your beauty bag?

  1. Hi! Can’t wait to try some my new products I ordered from the Detox Market. I had never heard of them before and I “went wild!” Even got a 10% discount. Thank you for opennng up a wonderful new world of wholesome skin care. The prices were the same as Nordstrom and also the 100% Pure website I love.

    Because you are knowledgeable and cautious about what you put in your skin, please be careful using products from “big cosmetica,” such as Chanel, Dior, Clinique, YSL and others. Lots of chemicals and additives to counteract all of those beautiful non-toxic skin care products. (DK if this matters to you, but the big companies continue to animal test their products. Blind bunnies with blistered eyeballs are not my thing, and I would hope not for most people, either. There are wonderful cosmetics which do not animal test. I found some in the Detox website!)

    1. Thank you @Jodashde! That’s actually my next step, go cleaner on my makeup as well. I’ve tried a few products, but overall, they were always too dry (for my skin or lips) or left yucky residues (organic mascara). I haven’t found the right texture for my skin yet in organic make up, so if you rec’ any clean product, please share!
      I’ve also always figured Euro brands are safer as they have more severe E.U consumer laws when it comes to transparency and processes. I’ll check further into these brands, thank you for pointing this out.
      Speak soon! Si-

  2. Thanks so much for info about what is in the bag, but what about the lovely bag itself?

    1. Hello @Elizabeth! The bag itself is a cosmetic pencil canvas clutch from Isabel Marant’s 2017 collection – I got it when I raided their Parisian store last year ;-) They were themed by major cities, like London, New York, or Los Angeles – I got the LA one, pictured in this post).
      Thanks Elizabeth! Xx, Si-

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