Memberships – Frequently Asked Questions

You will find here answers to common questions I’ve received from readers of the blog and members of The List.

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Enter the Secret Garden


What is The Secret Garden?

The Secret Garden is a membership service offered on French By Design. Members of The Secret Garden are given unlimited access to premium articles, tutorials, recipes on the French By Design site. They can also access a private, ad-free community where they can exchange with like-minded peers.


I can’t take the whole online influencer game and the hidden ad messages anymore… What’s different here?

The Secret Garden is an ad-free space.

Sponsored posts and collaborations with (hand-picked, always!) small businesses and brands will be posted on the public site and clearly identified as such.


I deleted all my social media accounts because I can’t trust them. Can I trust you?

That is precisely why I launched The Secret Garden!

Like many of you, I too have been feeling more and more disconnected from the world of social media for a little while already (we talked about it over here, remember?), and this year, the urge to share differently and more privately grew and grew stronger in me…

Whatever you share in The Secret Garden is private, and other members will need your permission to reshare outside the “garden”. Whether it’s about parenting issues, simple recipes, self care, or tips on how to navigate these crazy times or pre-menopause organic remedies shared by our senior troopers, we will keep this secret garden safe and blossoming!


What about my data? Do you share my personal data?

I strongly believe data privacy rights are human rights. For this reason, your member profile or any data about you will NEVER be shared, analyzed or used against your consent. When I say private, I really mean private!


Do I need to have access to Facebook or an active social media account to join the Secret Garden? 

You don’t need any active social media account to join The Secret Garden. Everything we discuss will be happening in private, on the main site. We have bumped up our site security features so you can safely exchange, without being tracked online.


I love décor, but what else are we going to discuss privately?

We’ll cover any range of topic members want to discuss! An early survey among readers of The List shows that members want to cover wide range of topics: easy and healthy recipes, DIY tutorials, décor and color trends, photography and blogging creative tips, business strategy and branding, but also, parenting in the current crisis we are facing… No topic will be off-limit on The Secret Garden!


I like it, but why do I have to pay?

There is a common saying about internet surfing: “If the content is offered to you for free, then YOU are the product!” Because this content is offered to you without the financial support of brands (ad-free), costs for running the site, photography and editing tools, website hosting, forum maintenance, site maintenance, as well as a site’s increase security require us to charge a membership fee. You will also be supporting a small online business, for less than the price of a branded coffee cup a month!


Will you offer yearly discount for early birds?

Yes! If you sign up for a yearly membership, your subscription price is grandfathered and locked at the introductory price as long as your membership remains active.


How can I cancel my subscription?

You can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership on your member’s dashboard (Subscription tab).


Can I get a refund if I cancel my membership?

For monthly memberships, cancellations become effective at the end of the current monthly billing period, and subscription access and member’s benefits will continue for the remainder of the current monthly billing period. All future charges associated with future months of the subscription will be cancelled.

For yearly memberships, a cancellation will become effective at the end of the current monthly billing period. A prorated refund for the remainder unused months will be issued in the same form of payment used at checkout. Subscription access and member’s benefits will continue for the remainder of the current month billing period.


Do you have a question unanswered? Feel free to reach out. I’m here to help! You can contact me here.


Frequently Asked Questions about French by Design Memberships


*A huge thank you to the members of The List for helping me gather this FAQ sheet!