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If I had to pick a favorite month of the year, it’d definitely be the month of May. It happens to be my birth month, but it’s also a month of celebration, between Mother’s Day and the kick off of grilling season, poolside drinks (and popsicles!) and impromptu happy hours al fresco. I always have a surge of creativity in May; do you feel this energy as well?

Here is what’s been on my radar (or wishlist) lately, whether it’s a home tour that inspired me (I’m currently working on our kitchen wall update, so stay tuned or follow along on Instagram!), or the “IT” nail polish color I’ve spotted for my happy summer toes…

May at home, by French By Design.

  • Have you seen the new Casa Cook hotel in Chania, Crete? So wabi-sabi chic, it’s on my travel wishlist!
  • Notre Dame rooftop rebuilt as a greenhouse… What do you think of this design proposal by Studio NAB? Yay or nay? Everyone seems so divided about this topic online… What’s your take on it?
  • I’ve recently discovered this oil, thanks to my sister, and I’m officially hooked! So much nature’s goodness in a single bottle, my skin is very happy!
  • I’ve been shopping for a new swimsuit, and this was no joke. This one fits perfectly, plays camouflage where needed and highlights the vavavoum parts of my body. Plus, it’s made of recycled materials, so it’s double bonus point in my book. Yay to the month of May, I tell you!

What’s on your radar these days? Happy reading and talk to you soon! Xo, Si-

'Paris au Printemps' poster available in the French By Design print shop.

Pictured: ‘Paris au Printemps’, poster print available in the shop.

Bonus recipe : Homemade French Chouquettes by Siham Mazouz for French by Design


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