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How the French Live is live!

Oh hey, we’re celebrating a birthday today! Literally a birth-day. My book is published today!

How the French Live

I am so excited and can not wait to share it with you, and read your comments and feedback about How the French Live. It’s certainly a conversational piece with everyone who’s had a chance to read it, and I love the fact that people from all cultures and origins can relate to the discussion. They share with me their stories of childhood, what they kept from their culture, or the memory of  dishes their mom cooked from her native country. I love these stories so much!

If you haven’t ordered your copy, now is the time! *Wink*

Order your copy

How the French Live

If you have already ordered your copy of How the French Live, I sincerely thank you for your support.

How the French Live

How the French Live, 2018 ⎯ ISBN: 978-1-4236-4816-1 ⎯  Gibbs Smith Books

J O I N    T H E    L I S T

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14 thoughts on “How the French Live is live!

  1. Now the question becomes where will you be signing your book? :)


    1. Aww, thank you @Yvonne! What a day! ♡
      I don’t have dates yet, but I’m sure I’ll know soon. Will keep you posted!
      Thank you!

    1. Hey @Nicole, thank you!

      I don’t have a specific list yet, but I know Amazon ships to most countries. Another option is to order the book from your local bookstore using its ISBN number [I added it at the bottom of the post]. I will let you know if I get an updated list of retailers. Thanks Nicole!

  2. Eep! I can’t wait. I pre-ordered. I’m so excited!
    CONGRATS Si on this HUGE accomplishment!🥂
    Mary Jo

  3. Si, Beautiful job! So glad to see you doing so well! All the best, Farrell

  4. I love this book so much! It’s like your blog came to life. I can’t wait to get copies for all my friends and family.

    Thank you for writing this and doing this project Si. And also, I love the book trailer. Makes me swoon.


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