Summer fashion : Gauchos pants

Gauchos pants are quickly becoming my go-to summer uniform; they’re all I’ve been wearing strolling around the city, and even packed some that I wore on repeat during our recent family trip to Hawaii. Because I’m not sure this trend is here to last – and didn’t want to spend $200+ dollars (whaaat???) on a summer fashion fling, I scouted the inter-webs to find quality yet affordable ones, and I’m officially hooked with Gauchos pants : they add a 70s-vibe feminine silhouette and elongate the legs, have enough stretch… that you don’t even have to unbutton your pants after a good meal, THAT kind of comfort… Wink.

Here are my two favorite Gauchos pants finds this summer, and how I style them:


Summer Fashion : Gauchos | French By Design

White gauchos (similar as these are now sold out)

Striped tank top

Superstar Sneakers

Market crossbody bag from Morocco

Lipstick from Christian Dior (shade: Rouge Dior 999)

Nail polish from Opi (shade: Red Hot Rio)

Hello stretch, these guys have just enough hidden spandex to feel like you’re wearing lounge pants, but suit you like a real fashionista. I cut mine a bit in length, because they were too long and I wanted my ankle to show slightly more, and since these come already fringed, I din’t have to worry about a seam after cutting them. I simply let the fringes do their thing. Easy-peasy.

Here, I styled them for a French chic yet laid-back look. Don’t forget red lips and nails for the extra French touch!


Summer Fashion : Gauchos | French By Design

Denim Gauchos (similar, as these are now sold out)

Iconic tank top

Denim slides

Straw sun hat

Nail Polish from Essie (shade: Go Overboard)

I paired my denim gauchos with a simple white tank top and some exotic and denim accessories for a fresh summer look. Also, teal blues are among my favorite nail polish pedicure colors, they make my toes look so eye candy and summer happy!

What do you think about gauchos pants? Yay, or nay? How would you style them?

Photography and styling by Siham Mazouz for French By Design ©

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One thought on “Summer fashion : Gauchos pants

  1. These outfits look the business thank you Si!
    Unfortunately it is winter down under!
    But we are just past the shortest day, so yay!
    Btw thank you for such a lovely warm welcome to your blog …delightful!
    Also congratulations to your daughter! She/you all can have a well earned summer holiday!
    Love mx

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