These are answers to the questions I frequently receive through contact notes and emails. If you do not find answers to your questions, shoot me an email at contact[at]frenchbydesignblog[dot]com or send me a note through the contact page.


  • Can I guest post on your blog and add a commercial link?

No, you cannot and never will be able to. Sponsored posts are clearly identified as such and sponsoring opportunities are available on this blog. However, I do not accept “sponsored guest posts” also known as “ghost-writer” posts.

I will not answer guest post writers’ requests and appreciate your understanding about this.


  • Can I repost your picture?

Yes, you can, as long as it’s not for commercial purposes and you link back to the original post or the frenchbydesignblog.com site. If you need to use more than 3 (three) French By Design copyrighted pictures, please send me a contact note so we can discuss usage details.

For any commercial use of my pictures, please send me a contact note. Additional commercial usage fees will apply.


  • Can I send you products for review?

Yes, you can, but there is no guarantee of any sort that I will be blogging about your product. I only blog about products I like and always favor unique content in general. My rule is simple : if I can’t recommend a product to my personal friends, I won’t recommend it to my readers either.

Products gifted or provided for free to French By Design for review are noted with a c/o (courtesy of) mention at the bottom of the post. French By Design does not accept monetary payment for such posts, and any post that is sponsored [i.e where I received a monetary compensation] will be clearly noted as such.

Contact me for submissions at contact[at]frenchbydesignblog[dot]com.


  • Do you make money with links or brands you post about?

Yes, I do, and get paid occasionally with affiliates’ commissions and by brands through sponsored posts.

When I accept to do a sponsored post, it will always clearly be mentioned, in an effort to be transparent. However, I choose very carefully the brands and companies I work with on this blog, and the products I blog about are pieces I’d have in my own interior. Again, back to my simple rule: if I can’t recommend a product to my personal friends or use it myself, I won’t recommend it to my readers either.


  • What camera do you use?

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T7i.


  • I don’t see my comment. Why was my comment deleted?

Comments deemed inappropriate, including general or self-promotional spam, untruths, offensive statements, profanity or comments unrelated to the post topic will be deleted.