DIY | Linen Kapok Edredon - Throwbed - via French By Design

DIY | My linen throwbed

Oh hey, guys, I’ve been making some DIY updates at home these last few weekends, and one of them is really worth sharing: a linen DIY throwbed, or édredon.

Let me explain.

When I was a child, I remember arriving at my grand mother’s house in the Cognac region in France and getting so excited about bedtime. She had an antique wooden bed with a super soft and fluffy mattress (and I felt like a princess in it!), and she also had an “édredon” (throwbed in English?) : an extra smaller-sized duvet on top of the regular bedding, to add warmth. Grandma’s édredon was so warm and fuzzy, it was like sleeping on clouds, and it’s one of the most nostalgic memories of my childhood visits there.

DIY | Linen Kapok Edredon - Throwbed - via French By Design

And recently, I came across an article about kapok (or capok). Have you heard of kapok?

Kapok fiber is the seed pod fluff of the Ceiba tree, a rain forest tree, also called the silk cotton tree. Kapok feels very similar to the light weight feeling of down, but without the allergy risk – and without any feathers. The silk is luxurious to the touch and a medium firm support.

DIY | Linen Kapok Edredon - Throwbed - via French By Design

So I got myself a couple of yards of striped linen fabric, a few black tassels (to give it a more modern and a global flair vibe) and some kapok fiber on Etsy, and pretty much followed the same steps I used to make Miss Daisy’s daybed – you can find this tutorial here.

As you can see, it turns out Daisy likes it… a bit too much maybe…

DIY | Linen Kapok Edredon - Throwbed - via French By Design DIY | Linen Kapok Edredon - Throwbed - via French By DesignDIY | Linen Kapok Edredon - Throwbed - via French By Design

After a few nights of sleep with my new DIY throwbed, or édredon, I must report that I’m happy as a clam. No more cold feet at night, which in my book is a major win! Xo, Si-

Photography Siham Mazouz for French By Design ©

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6 thoughts on “DIY | My linen throwbed

  1. Hi
    Edredon comes from eiderdown. It’s like fli flou that comes from flip flop now we call them tongs in France.
    Good day

  2. Wow i think i need to make one of these, really wonderful , thankyou for sharing….Can you the say how much of the kapok you used please ? Toodles Norma

    1. Bonjour, @Norma, and thank you!
      I used approximately 1 and a 1/3 of a Kapok filler bag (1kg bag) for this project. Xx-

  3. Hello Si, oh ! thankyou for that information, i am excited about making one now X

  4. Kapok is a really nice material but you can’t wash it I’m afraid. It’s really difficult to dry.
    In Switzerland we once went to an oldfashioned hotel. The beds were covered with a sheet with a thin wool blanket and topped off with a duvet that looked like a huge pillow. Because the sides of the duvet were not tucked in it never became too hot. It was wonderful.

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