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On my radar: Chinoiserie

I am falling hard lately for anything chinoiserie. Toile de Jouy in particular has my affection these days. I love using its intricate and countryside scenery patterns reminiscent of a bucolic and nostalgic era.

But beware not to overdo it — unless you actually live in a museum! Toile and chinoiserie patterns work great as small accent decor pieces – aka, yes to a set of napkins or dessert plates, or an accent pillow, but not so much for bigger pieces — I’d say no to full room curtains or a full room wallpapering for example.

Here is some Chinoiserie at home in action!

Emily, the portrait print available for sale on French By Design

Shown above: Emily, the poster print, available in the shop.

Our home is slowly getting festive in anticipation of the holiday season. I love these chinoiserie velvet shams by Rifle Paper Co. They instantly add a festive touch to our bedroom!

How adorable are these small Toile patterned plates scouted on Etsy? I also sewed some matching red Toile de Jouy fabric napkins.

Chinoiserie gift wrapping paper spotted on French By Design

I couldn’t resist sharing my latest find: a toile gift wrapping paper! Yes, it’s from the current collection so hurry, this one will sell out quickly, I have a hunch.

Ava, the portrait print available for sale on French By Design

Shown above: Ava, the poster print, available in the shop.

I am developing a slight addiction for market totes these days. They replace plastic bags (no longer offered to shoppers in the city of San Francisco) and can easily be folded between 2 shopping trips. This yellow Toile de Jouy bag scouted, again on Etsy, is a perfect (and very useful) accent piece.

Here are some other great uses of chinoiseries spotted on Pinterest:

How do you feel about Chinoiserie? How would you integrate it in your wardrobe or at home?

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4 thoughts on “On my radar: Chinoiserie

  1. Merveilleux! I’ve been reading/learning/writing about chinoiserie these days, so this serves as a fabulous synchronicity for me. Mille mercis—

    1. Oh, this makes me so happy to read, thank you @Allison! I’ve been under the weather these days and have yet to catch up with the blog world. Thanks so much for your visit! Xx-

  2. i love all thing chinoiserie. i have the cutest pair of vans that are made in red toile fabric that are my favorite! love you blog. i love all things french too. :)

    1. Oh, toile Vans, I love it!
      Thank you so much for your kind words, @Dominique! ♡

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