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Fresh Thoughts, on French By Design

It sure feels good to leave 2020 in the rear-view mirror, but, just like you, I already have mixed emotions about 2021; after a solid 5 good days, it feels like we’re back into a hell of a year…. If this was a Netlfix series or a Bravo reality show, I’d say it’s the best season so far. Except it’s not. It’s reality.

Tutorial: How to Limewash your Walls, on French By Design

I set up my camera on auto mode and recorded myself lime washing our home office. In less than a minute, I am showing you how to lime wash your walls, and I share my tips learned from trial and error along with a few online resources I used myself before embarking on this new challenge… Ready to lime wash your walls with old world colors, set, go!

Home Office/ Creative Studio Design by French By Design

Today we’re visiting our “newly” updated home office. Like many other families this year, we had to organize the way we now work, learn and create from home. Here is a sneak peek at our work in progress so far, and what I am planning to add in the coming future…

Prairie Green, on French By Design

I am falling pretty hard for anything prairie green lately. It’s such a fresh and uplifting hue, and exactly what we all are craving for these days: the serenity of nature.

Dressed for Fall with Dove and Donkey

To welcome Fall, I partnered with Dove and Donkey and dressed up my home with their new collection of sustainable and consciously crafted home essentials. Come visit!

My Favorite 2020 Netflix Picks, by Siham Mazouz for French By Design

Fall season is fast approaching, and I thought I’d share my favorite picks again! Like many of you, confined at home, I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries and international movies on Netflix these past few weeks. Here are my favorite Netflix picks.