Bedroom Update : Moody Green

I finally updated my bedroom after long weeks of debating what color would make my nights sweeter. You know I’ve had a thing for green, we talked extensively on the blog about the green trend and the plant trend that are really hot in 2016. I looked at so many colors, but my heart was always leading me to one shade of green or another. Then I asked you guys on Instagram for your opinion – thanks again to all who participated in the discussion – and got many ideas of fantastic shades, but my heart was still singing green. I looked at magazines, Pinterest, and some online blogs and websites for inspiration, and I finally found the color of my dreams : a dark and moody green. A quick trip to my Home Depot store, and a long talk with the Behr paint expert – who, by the way, was really awesome and patient, and even took the time to consult my Pinterest inspiration board to help me find my true hue! – and off I went with my Marquee gallon of paint. Here is the making-of and the final result. Maya kindly agreed to be my assistant on this project – don’t we look like real pros in our painters’ overalls, fo’ real?!

French By DesignFrench By Design

I’m in love with my all grown-up bedroom. I love the way my wall color changes in hues throughout the day depending on the light, how everything looks sophisticated, yet simple. It’s amazing what color does to a space, instantly adding character, depth and texture.

I also placed a small mid-century low table/bench scored at my local thrift store at the end of my bed, and I think it adds another sophisticated element to the ensemble. My friend Tulipina’s gorgeous bouquet of Spring flowers is the final touch of goodness, don’t you think? I’m really pleased with the result and super happy I finally found my #truehue!

French By Design French By Design French By Design French By Design

What’s your favorite Behr color? How do you find inspiration for color updates in your interior?

Moody green Bedroom Makeover, by Siham Mazouz for French By Design

Photography French By Design – Floral design by Tulipina

Bonus: Access our private classical playlist, by Siham Mazouz for French By Design

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26 thoughts on “Bedroom Update : Moody Green

  1. I am mad in love with black wall accents right now– but possibly even more in love with deep deep colors like this green and navy! Nicely done and I love the subtle texture on the bedding! :)

    1. Merci @Lydia! I am so glad I made the jump and dared with a strong color statement! I should have done it sooner. Ah, the power of color!

    1. YOUR bouquet is everything @Kiana, thank you so so much again!

  2. Perfection achieved and I shoulda guessed it because THIS is nearly the exact color green that you fell in love with two years ago!! The very same color I put on my office wall, inspired by you!!

  3. This is so beautiful Si! Really makes me want to do some color changes too. (But first I would need those overalls for Milla and me!). Also love the video!! xx, B

    1. Bahahaha! yes, @Birgit the overalls make ALL the difference in the world! Can’t wait to see the video of Milla and you revamping your beautiful space! ;-)

    1. We had so much fun working together! Gotta keep these off-school kids busy the best you can, @Briana! :-)

    1. Thank you, @Taste of France. I’ve been staring at my bedroom wall since the painting job and everyone at home thinks I’m losing it. You get it, right? :-)

  4. Great job! Whats the name of the color and finish you used? Why cant I see it in your post?!

    Thanks in advance :)


    1. Hey @Hena, I chose Alpine Trail flat finish from the Marquee by Behr brand. With so many hues in the Berh catalog, color choices are such a personal matter, I didn’t want to impose my color on you, but I’m glad you’re feeling inspired by my choice Xo-.

    1. Thank you, @Stephanie, the bedspread is a ’boutis’, a typical traditional French quilt made in Southern France. I bought it at a Provence market a few years ago, but I think you can find similar ones online, just use keyword ‘french boutis’ in your search. Cheers, Si-

  5. Just gorgeous! So simple and elegant and beautiful. We love seeing all these before and afters :)

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