4 beauty products for 40+ year old skins

As you already know, I just turned 44. I’m not one of these women who cry on their birthdays past their 30s. No, I’m happy with my age, with my experience, with the new me, the one that doesn’t care about what others think, that doesn’t need validation from others. The one who knows what she wants, where her priorities are. I am happier in my 40s than I ever was – and I hear that it’s even more fun past the fifth decade, so bring it on!

But there are little things that come with the 40s that do bother me : my skin shows more and more dark spots, my hands are showing signs of too many dish washing  sessions, DIY projects, and sun exposure, my nails have more ridges than they used to, and so on. So I decided to round up the beauty products that I have tried, adopted and come to cherish everyday, because they make me forget about these little 40-plus-year-old features of mine and help me concentrate on being a badass-40-plus-year-old #girlboss.

French By DesignFace – Day cream : Remember this post from last year? Well, I’m still hooked on the BareMinerals complexion rescue – I use the Natural 05 shade] . Au revoir dark spots, and hello spf coverage. I love the thin texture of this cream. It lets my skin breath, yet offers coverage and sun damage protection all at once.

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Face – Night Cream : My skin is extremely dry, so I try to keep it moisturized, especially at night. I used the Clarins Multiactive nuit for the last 15 years, but recently switched to the Clarins Multi Régénérante cream. It is a bit more expensive than the MultiActive Nuit, but dang, my skin is really happy with the switch so far. Plus, the Clarins counter lady told me I’d look like a 30 year old after using that cream for a couple of months, so who’s complaining here, really? ;-) It’s still cheaper than plastic surgery or botox. Who’s with me?

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Nails : I try to go for a manicure once a month; In between, I apply my own nail polish. I am hooked on Dior Lisse Abricot because it fills the ridges on my aging nails. I love both available shades equally, the Pink Petal and Snow Pink, but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with the Pink petal soft hue.

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Hands : OK, don’t shoot me. This hand treatment from La Mer is $85+ but I have to say it is a game changer. Really. I got it initially as a gift, and when the tube was empty, I ran to the department store and begged for some more. For real. My hands went from being constantly dry and wrinkly to looking like a new baby’s butt. No kidding. PS : I used to love the Clinique hand cream [which was much more affordable], but unfortunately, Clinique discontinued the item. Boo.

French By DesignWhat are the beauty products you use and restock on regularly? I’d love to get your tips! Xo, Si-


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3 thoughts on “4 beauty products for 40+ year old skins

  1. I really love Nuxe Huile Prodigieux. Smells good, too.
    The only 50+ SPF lotion that doesn’t irritate my face is Bioderma’s Photoderm Max.
    And I love cleaning my face with Bioderma’s Eau Micellaire. Very gentle and removes makeup easily.
    But the thing I’ve used the longest is Nivea Cream. Still love it and can say it works great for dry skin. Kitty Carlisle was a devotee, and look how great she looked.

    1. Nice tips, @Taste of France, thank you! Eau micellaire doesn’t work for me because I have rosacea, and it tends to make matters worse. But I’ve been a Nivea fan for the longest time – I also use it to clean my leather bags, jacket and shoes. Nivea is the greatest invention of all times! :-)

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