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Hey there, I’m Siham, but everyone calls me Si.

I’m French Amazigh and I have a passion for beauty. I love eclectic interiors, living a balanced life and keeping it simple. I aim to inspire people to embrace a deeper, more personal approach to their décor, sense of style, or even in the simple recipes they prepare for their loved ones.

It all started when we bought a fixer upper on the country side of Provence. With a small budget, we redecorated the space almost entirely by ourselves. I scouted French flea markets for pieces I would later clean and restore. One year, for Christmas, I received a jig saw, and started making wooden furniture for my little girls – from a simple doll house, then to more intricate designs like a bookcase, a TV stand or my [still beloved] living room coffee table made with scaffold wood and casters. I loved learning everything I needed to know to create beauty on a budget: removing wallpaper, applying wall plaster paint, painting a ceiling, installing shelves or planting an edible garden with my daughters. I was knee-deep in creativity; I was happy.

Then our family moved from Provence to the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, and my large brick home in a fancy neighborhood didn’t fit me – or rather, I didn’t fit it. And so, I started this blog, hoping that sharing my personal taste in décor and design with others would enrich my daily routine.  As French By Design grew, and grew more, I grew with it along the way.

Now, with several years of blogging under my belt and a book freshly released, I assertively declare that I am moved by authenticity and human connection. I believe there are many of you out there who would like to know the story behind a space, and are equally as enamored by a vintage mid-century chair as a 5-dollar thrift-store find.


About Siham Mazouz | French By DesignWhen I’m not here, you’ll find me at home, in San Francisco, living a simpler life with less house and more home, cooking with fresh products or trying a new brioche recipe, taking random pictures of any beauty I find around me, or learning a new skill on Youtube – that’s where I learned Photoshop or Lightroom! – sipping a coffee with one of my girls in our tiny patio while she shares her life stories and drama with me and miss Daisy, or chatting creative strategies with an entrepreneur girlfriend in my living room sofa.

My hope is that you find through French By Design ways to live authentically and surround yourself with beauty,  whether it’s in your décor, or in the way you live your everyday.


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