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Make it: A DIY pillowcase

Many of you have reached out about the floral pillowcase I posted in December on Instagram. It’s an easy DIY project I did a few weeks ago using some leftover floral denim fabric. I plan on making more using mixed and matched fabrics, so each side can play with different patterns. Fun, fun!

Today, I am sharing the tutorial for this simple pillowcase cover, using only one fabric pattern – you can also work with two different fabrics, if you want a two-sided pillowcase.

For clarity, I will give measurements based on a single piece of fabric. For a pillowcase of 20 x 26 inches for example in my case, you will need:

● Fabric:

  ○ width: pillowcase cover desired width + 1 inch for hem = 20 + 1

  ○ length: pillowcase cover desired length x 2 + 6 to 8 inches for the envelope flap + 1 inch for hem = (26×2)+ 8+ 1 = 61

Total fabric dimensions flat (based on a 20 x 26″ pillowcase cover): 21 x 61 inches

● Scissors

● Sewing machine

● Thread and pins


Step 1 : Hem each of the short edges of the fabric by half an inch.

Step 2 : fold your fabric in half, keeping the right sides together. Then fold the “envelope” edge in, making sure you adjust the first fold. I like my envelop to be deep so my pillow insert stays secured, so I usually fold 8 inches back in to have a deeper envelope flap.

So this should look like something like the image below when you add all the layers in a table, ready for sewing:

Make it: A pillowcase cover - French By Design

You should have 3 layers of fabric ready to be assembled on each side: (1) layer one, right fabric side facing you, (2) layer two, right fabric side facing layer 1 and (3) layer 3, the 6 to 8 inch fold (envelope), right side fabric facing you. Are you following me?

Make it: A pillowcase cover - French By Design

Pin the 3 layers together and sew, making sure the 3 layers are nicely tucked in and secured together. Repeat the same on the other side.

Make it: A pillowcase cover - French By Design

Step 4 : Now, flip your pillowcase cover back to the right side of the fabric. See the envelope inside? Tuck your pillow insert in it and voilà, you’re done!

Make it: A pillowcase cover - French By Design
Make it: A pillowcase cover - French By Design

Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments! Happy DIYing friends! Xo, Si-

Photography: Siham Mazouz for French By Design ©

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