2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design

2019 Decor Trends

I compiled a few trends on my radar for 2019. This year, if there is one theme to keep in mind, it’s nature.

Nature is celebrated in its warmest earthy tones, from #LivingCoral, Pantone’s color of the year 2019, to nostalgic dusty pinks and terracottas (like the office we designed together back in October!) or woven natural fabrics and macramés as wall art pieces. 2019 is also the year of sustainability, when ‘less-is-more’ is a lifestyle, and knowing what, who and where we buy from becomes, more than ever, an important part of our buying process.

Here are 10+ trends we can expect to see in action this coming year.

#LivingCoral & Earthy tones

Pantone recently announced #LivingCoral as the 2019 color of the year. I like it a lot here, used as an accent color in the vintage rugs in our Marrakech rental courtyard.

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: #LivingCoral

Go Chrome or go home

Move over brass, chrome is taking the center stage this year. From trays to lighting sconces, chrome and polished nickel will be the shining metals of 2019.

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: Chrome!
2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: Chrome details
Mister FrenchByDesign’s bar corner: a Danish sideboard was repurposed as a bar station; A polished chrome tray protects the teak wood, while displaying colorful liquor bottles.


Love me some orange in decor! Orange offers a warm and inviting option and complements very well vintage pieces. So, are you Pantone’s #TeamCoco or not?

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: #TeamCoco
Claire, from How the French Live is team coco! I love the subtle accents of burnt orange in her entryway!

Denim and grey blues

You may have heard about my latest obsession with denim. At home, I painted a niche wall, made denim pillowcases, and even updated my lounge patio chair with a freshly sewed denim cushion (I’ll show you in a patio-dedicated post soon!) Expect denim and grey blues tones to make quite a splash this year on the decor front.

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: Denim and grey blue
2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: Denim
Miss Daisy posing in front of our ‘denim’ blue-grey painted wall; see the post here.

Celebrating Nature

Nature is the mot d’ordre this year, so find every possible creative way to celebrate it in your interior. A few Macrames and living plants in the bathroom? A homemade botanical wall maybe? Living plants and woven fibers are celebrating mother nature gloriously this year, and instantly add a warm and boho-chic mood at home.

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: More plants!
Ode to nature with “shelfies” of living plants at Les Impertinentes, Montréal

Plinth Tables

Trunk and plinth coffee tables are the star of the show this year! I love this plinth marble coffee table, but our super budget-friendly rolling coffee table, made with scaffold wood when we lived in Provence, has a special place in my heart, and it’s not going anywhere!

Mushroom Lamps

As the 70s are taking the center stage this year, mushroom lamps are having a moment again. This one is on my wishlist for our office, phase 2… Such a fun piece, don’t you think?

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: Mushroom Lamps


Remember when we discussed the fringe and artisans details trend in 2018? Tassels, and passementerie in general, are still strong this year, and thanks to unexpected color combinations and creative uses, they add the perfect subtle touch of global and bohemian flair to a decor.

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: Tassels!

Floral fabrics

Just as floral wallpaper made its grand entrance in 2017 and 2018, flowers patterns are invading the textile world this year: oversized flowers will be a strong trend of 2019. I’m not mad at all, look at this gorgeous example! I’m dying to find a similar floral bedding, don’t you?

Colored glass

Glass is sporting jewel tones this year; think amber, fig, old pink hues in your glassware, vases, but also in your fixtures, tainted mirrors, shower glasses, colored glass will make 2019 pop!

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: Colored Glass

Resin & Acrylic

After the lucite trend a few seasons ago, the “clear” trend is spreading like weed: in fashion, clear and transparent bags, totes, backpacks, or stilettos even are embracing the “clear plastic” movement. On the decor scene, expect to see new materials, like Altrock, a mix of “recycled marble flour, recycled marble chips, and chunks of offcuts, broken pieces of beautiful marble slabs, the marble is mixed and bonded with a small amount of resin, pigmented in a huge range of custom colours. All of these marble chips are byproducts of local marble manufacturing, the waste materials from the production of various luxury products and building finishes,” shares Tine Fleisher in her article about this new exciting material using resin. You can read Tine’s full article here.

Bouclé accents 

It always starts with fashion! As Bouclé fabric is all over the fashion world at the moment, it’s also expected to soon fill our interiors with cosy and warm textures later this year. Keep also a close eye on short-pile sherpa, also very strong in the current fashion scene… 2019 will be cosy, I tell you!

Boho 70s

Boho is back, with a 70s beat to it. Think laid-back, comfort, macrame and plants… Midcentury Italian is also having a big moment, with curved furniture and oversized chandeliers, like in this interior.

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: Boho 70s
Our living room currently… I love mix and matching elements and materials to add more personality to the space. Here, our Togo leather sofa (originally designed in 1973) cohabits happily with our modern Gervasoni Ghost sofa by Paola Navone.

Mat black

Mat black is invading our walls, fixtures, and floors. Exit soft greys, jet mat black is here to add some contrast and a dash of drama to our interiors.

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: Mat Black
A black mat wall and Jielde lamp at Claire and Karim, How the French Live, 2018.

Repurposed bar carts…

Also known as the little bar carts that could. Have you noticed furniture repurposed into bar carts? From Scandinavian sideboards revamped into cocktail stations to simple impromptu side tables, colorful bottles are popping into our living spaces. Careful if you live with teens though! (Wink).

2019 Decor Trends, on French By Design: Repurposed Bars

Above all, remember that these trends are not meant to make you feel like your space is outdated. Unleash your creative beast and adapt them at home under your own terms: a simple floral pillow sewed with tassels, a fresh coat of paint on a old piece of furniture taking dust in the garage; really, it’s the little details that make a house a real home! Xo, Si-

Which of these trends could you easily adopt in your interior? I’d love to know! Xo, Si-

Photography French By Design ©

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