Summer Update | French By Design

Summer update

Hey friends, it’s been a while, and I’ve missed this space. If you’re following along on Instagram, then you know that big family projects are in the making, and exciting decor updates coming in September.

Summer Update | French By Design

But I’m taking a break from my summer blog break because I’d like you to watch a short film. It’s kind of my main summer link for you. It epitomizes this whole year of transformation for me, both professionally, and personally. If you are a member of The List, you know the why’s and the how’s, but what I haven’t shared at all about this journey is that it has also changed me physically. In short, I’m currently in a stabilizing phase of a 27-pound weight loss; no, really for real. No diet. No frustration – and no, rest assured, I’m not planning a sponsored post by Slim Fast or other miraculous diet pill maker next week either… :-)

Summer Update and Link | French By Design

I’ve decided to let go. I’ve talked about the beginning of this transformation earlier this year, and 8 months along this journey, I clearly feel the benefits of this new life and work perspective. I’ve learned to let go of so many things, the pressure of the blogging world, the page views and stats, the likes, the followers, the unfollowers, the pressure of fitting with what others do, the #comparitis syndrome… you know, when you check what others are creating or posting and it becomes so toxic because you always end up comparing yourself to others, and you end up feeling like crap… You know, right?

Letting go of all of the toxicity. The pressure to fit.

Letting go of all of this. And allowing myself to create freely, to share differently and connect deeper with a community of like-minded readers or fellow design and slow living lovers.

And as if a dead weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I noticed my body transform, while my creativity blossomed, organically, powerfully. As if all this extra weight I had been carrying around for so long was now used as a fuel for my creativity, my small business as well as my personal growth. In short, it’s been a pretty powerful year so far for me, and I don’t know yet how and when I will feel comfortable to share it more in detail – here on the blog or as an update on The List, but if you’ve read this blog for a while, you know it will eventually come up one way or another… Everything does eventually land here on this blog for me…

For now, just watch this. It’s nothing new (the clip is from 2015), but oh, what a gem! Here is to #LettingGo this summer, and far beyond. Xo, Si-

Source: The Sanctuary Spa via Youtube, found via my friend Shirin.


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7 thoughts on “Summer update

  1. Si, this is the most lovely piece I’ve read this summer… Your thoughts about creativity and the self align so beautifully with my beliefs… Yet I don’t know that I’d be able to express these truths so eloquently in either of my languages (English and French). I will share this widely. Thank you for making my day!

    1. Oh thank you, @Allison, so glad you can relate – and yes, very difficult to express in words, so thank you for your kind words. Xo, Si-

  2. Good on you!!! 2018 was my #letgo year as well.
    It’s been big big year of transition. An international move back to the US after a decade of expat living in Europe. Buying a new home…. we close on our new house… a home in the mountains in South Carolina in 4 days.
    I’m 25lbs down so far this year so I can relate on that level as well.
    Also a HUGE step back from social media….did any of those things I wrote about actually happen IF I didn’t post pictures on IG, you bet they did.
    What a joy it’s been to feel like it’s belonged to just me.

    1. Hi @Tracie! It’s so good to read that others are going through a similar adventure and experience! Congrats on all these amazing changes in your life, inside and out, truly inspiring! Go Tracie! ♡

  3. Weird, the Festive Farmhouse just posted the same quote in July on her Instagram, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. Is it that time of year? Or are we going through something similar collectively?

  4. About 10 years ago, I came down with something…Doctors run every possible check on me with MS and a stroke on top of their worry list… To my good fortune, I had nothing! But one of the doctors who examined me gave me this little piece of advice: ‘let go!’ And I did. Of course, every now and then I forget myself but as soon as I realize that I’m losing myself, I let go. And when I first started blogging two years ago, I felt that pressure again. It was all new to me – unknown. And, boy did I fall for the “comparitis syndrome” you mentioned. Soon enough, but later than I would have hoped for, I realized that I know my “shit’ – I don’t have to prove anything through the blog. This blog was supposed to be my fun outlet even if no one from my friends and acquaintances get it. They don’t understand it, but that’s OK. I came into terms with that and so I set a new pace, where my ultimate goal is to have fun with it. And so this summer, I took a longer break. My short list was short: I was in the mood for love, fun and bringing the best out of me again… Because just like that beautiful video link you included in your lovely post, I want to concetrate on BEING! Thank you for sharing all this, for it gave me yet another opportunity to re-think some of my choices with a new perspective: I’m not alone!! Wish you all the best for you and your family. Love, Velvet

    1. Oh, @Velvet, this is so beautifully said, thank you so much for sharing your experience and perspective! Yes, and yes to everything you said! Merci for this. ♡♡♡

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