Kovak Family 25Lamp | French By Design


Any fun plans this weekend? We plan on chilling out at home, gardening a bit on the patio, and maybe heading to the beach with Miss Daisy and the girls. Before I leave you for the week, here is a video by Redha Medjellekh that I fell in love with and have been watching on repeat, because it’s so, so, so very good; Spring is the time when I miss France the most, so this film is really hitting a soft spot for me. Ah, Paris, you are so very magical!

In other news, I recently got my much anticipated 25Lamp from the lovely folks at Kovak Family. I’m planning on using it as a bed side lamp for now, and then in my future office once we rearrange the rooms in a few months [when Inès leaves for college… sigh.]

Kovak Family 25Lamp | French By Design

Have a lovely weekend, friends, and see you next week with some fresh new content! In the meantime, don’t forget to dance like nobody’s watching! Xo, Si-


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