Design crush | Stoneware pie plates

Design crush | Stoneware Pie Plates

I’ve finally updated my old quiche baking ware with some beautiful stoneware pie plates. Discovered randomly while scouting online, Art & Manufacture produces a breathtaking line of stoneware, from plates to cups, tumblers or cheese plates. I am falling hard…

Art & Manufacture’s founder, Edith Bourgault, fell in love with the craft of ceramics and immediately became a ceramic artist. Edith’s signature bright cobalt blue potteries transform everyday objects into unique pieces of art and makes cooking my signature quiche recipe even more exciting!

Design crush | Stoneware pie plates

Pictured : La Tourtière d’Annette White and Blue Pie Plates

Design crush | Stoneware pie plates Design crush | Stoneware pie plates

Speaking of cooking, I’ll be sharing my signature quiche lorraine recipe exclusively with the members of The List next week, so be sure to sign up to The List if you haven’t done so. Cheers, Si-

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