A sleepover-ready kids room | French By Design

A sleepover-ready kids room

Today, I want to share with you a huge coup de coeur of mine. It’s a kids bedroom – and we haven’t been talking much about kids’ spaces lately – and it’s everything you’d ever dream of for sleepover parties! Look at this gem!

A sleepover-ready kids room | French By Design A sleepover-ready kids room | French By Design

Here is what I like the most about this space:

It’s gender neutral

The light blue and sunny yellow combo works for any gender. The room’s natural light makes these two hues pop up magically, don’t you think?

It’s subtly themed

So many times, I see kids’ spaces with a cute theme that has gone… how should I say… too far? Sometimes, a few pieces [3 or 4, not 20!] around a chosen theme are enough if you want to avoid a catalog look or a whole visual mess. Here, a retro space theme, seen through the La Terre [the Earth] et La Lune [The Moon] posters, and the globe mobile magically and subtly add a space theme, without going overboard.

A sleepover-ready kids room | French By Design

It can easily be updated

Thanks to a low-key theme, the room can be transformed by just removing the few themed elements and replace them with a new theme (Flamingos, anyone?). The white walls, basic white bedding, white Ikea bookcase and vintage desk make the perfect canvas for an easy update, without robbing the bank.


A sleepover-ready kids room | French By Design

It’s any kid’s dream room

Enough said. My girls would have LOVED a room like this when they were younger. Now, at 16 and 17, it’s all about privacy and closed doors. Le sigh ;-)


What do you think? Do you like this room? What theme would you choose for this room?


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2 thoughts on “A sleepover-ready kids room

  1. I love it! And i love the fact that it dosent say boy or girl. But how do you get your kids to think that way…? Both my girls just want pink. Maybe because i never had pink to them when they were little?

  2. Kids will love this den, and it will change their thought process. Sometimes all we need is an articulate environment. Thanks for sharing this post.

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