Nomad Marrakech

As I mentioned in my Marrakech travelogue a few posts back, we ate at Nomad while in Marrakech. Luckily that day, I had taken my camera with me to shoot some street scenes, so I was able to snap some pictures of this cute lunch spot.

In 2014, Kamal Laftimi and Sebastian de Gzell took over an old carpet store off Rahba Lakdima — Place des Épices, or Spice Square —  to create Nomad. Nomad serves simple modern Moroccan cuisine: traditional local cuisine reinvented and international dishes updated with a Moroccan flair.

Nomad Marrakech Nomad Marrakech Nomad Marrakech

As far as interior design, Nomad has a cozy, carefree vibe, with Berber rugs and decor accents, or rattan chairs and more modern designs on the patio. The colors inside the restaurant are vibrant, but not overdone; the outdoor colors play more with an earthy/neutral palette . Nomad is hip, without trying [too hard] to be. I liked the vibe there very much.

Nomad Marrakech Nomad Marrakech Nomad Marrakech Nomad Marrakech

Spread over 4 floors, the restaurant offers intimate dining rooms, and breathtaking terraces overviewing the medina and the Atlas mountains.

Nomad Marrakech Nomad Marrakech Nomad Marrakech Nomad Marrakech

The view from the Nomad terrace of the Place des Épices, filled with basket, spice and rug sellers.


As far as the menu, it’s hard to recommend favorites, but we went for items like the shaved cauliflower & fennel salad to the courgette & feta fritters [order up, because extra yum!] or the Nomad burger, and it was a win with all 9 members of our table!

Nomad Marrakech

Nomad is located 1 Derb Aarjane, Marrakech Medina, Morocco. If you need more information, visit their website.


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