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Hope your week was a good one – mine was pretty hectic with all the magic that’s happening on the back end of this blog so I’m really looking forward to the weekend. I plan on catching up with good reads and cooking, and look! I received my first early copy of How the French Live recently and I bursted into tears, and cried of joy and pride and every emotion in between! I can not wait for you to discover the stories and interiors of these beautiful and fun French families!

Weekend in bed by Siham Mazouz for French By Design

 Before I take off, here are my favorite finds on the web this week :

● I’m drooling over this Norwegian design studio, its grey-hued plaster walls and concrete floors. Big swoon on that vintage arm lamp too!

● This crème-caramel is on my to-do list this weekend. I never made it to the bread making session last weekend, so let’s hope to achieve at least one of them!

● I am dying to try this DIY. I adore the original black version – if you have the budget for the real deal.

● This is so beautiful and peaceful, it makes me wanna cry. Added to my bucket list!

● This interior is pure perfection to me. The natural light, the vintage furniture, and that glorious Choucroute poster are all calling my name.

Weekend in bed by Siham Mazouz for French By DesignWeekend in bed by Siham Mazouz for French By Design

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Pictured : Bedding linen c/o Sea Me Linen  – Margaux art poster available in the shop, Beldi porcelain cup and carved spoon brought back from Marrakech.

Photography French By Design ©


5 thoughts on “Weekend links

  1. That looks like a delightful book.
    Crème caramel, or the very similar crème catalan, is such a soothing dessert. Just a little sweet, a little smooth and creamy, not too heavy.
    However, this weekend I am again making mousse au chocolat, using a recipe I put up recently from a friend–an old family secret. A wondrous puff of chocolate.

    1. Ah, mousse au chocolat, another one of my favorites! Did you share your recipe on your blog?

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