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On my radar : 10+ design trends for 2018

A lot is happening on the design scene this year, and now that we are about to enter the second quarter of 2018, a few design trends are clearly emerging. Based on my research, here are 10+ strong potential 2018 design trends.

  • Geometric patterns

Big and bold graphics are the star of the show this year! Think giant dots and graphic shapes; the rule this year is the bolder, the better!

Trend 2018 : Geometric Patterns | French By DesignPillows by Mona de Castellarnau
Trend 2018 : Geometric Patterns | French By DesignPillows by Loom Goods
  • Tone on tone

Playing with hues and matching paint color with decor accessories is another big trend of 2018. Miss Daisy approves.

Trend 2018 : Tone on Tone | French By DesignOur previous bedroom with its magic green wall.
  • Brass yourself

Has brass ever gone out of style though? Whether it’s a vintage piece you scouted and elbow greased, or a modern accent piece, or even bath fixtures to add a touch of glam, brass is the king of the show this year!

Trend 2018 : Brass | French By Design
  •  Olive green

This shade has been on my radar lately. While I was not a huge fan of greenery in 2017, I’ll give my vote to olive green, a more organic and warmer shade of green that reminds me of my beloved Provence.

Trend : Olive Green | FrenchByDesignHome of Vanessa and Ceki, How the French Live, 2018, Gibbs Smith


  • Natural elements

In 2017, we already witnessed a peak in natural elements such as stone, concrete, or wicker. 2018 will reinforce the presence of these natural elements, but expect them used in even more original ways : light shades, flooring, but also countertops or kitchen sinks made out of concrete for example, or wood panels from floors to ceilings. Old charm plaster walls are also getting more attention; by the way, do check Jersey Ice Cream Co‘s before and afters and see the power of plaster paint, it’s pretty amazing.

Trend 2018 : Natural elements | French By DesignHome of Adeline and Florent, How the French Live, 2018, Gibbs Smith
Trend 2018 : Natural elements | French By Design Home of Vanessa and Ceki, How the French Live, 2018, Gibbs Smith
  • Artisan textures

Woven rattan and raw edge textiles, but also furniture with a handmade feel will take the center stage in decor. Textiles especially will play with embellishments, raw edges or appliqué details. Think texture this year!

Trend2018: Artisan textures | FrenchByDesignA pompom throw brought back from my recent trip to Marrakech and a small Moroccan area rug add just the right amount of organic feel to this space, thanks to their “raw”  artisan  textures.
  • Velvet still strong

It appears that velvet is not going anywhere this year either. Velvet is still going strong, and I’m not mad about it!

Trend 2018 : Olive Velvet | French By DesignHome of Charlotte and Maxime, How the French Live, 2018, Gibbs Smith.
  • Show stopping lighting

Artisans and vintage style lightings are strong in 2018. I am currently swooning over this pinned image, and think I’m going to go for a mid-century brass lighting in my current bedroom. Our landlord kindly installed pendant lights in our apartment, but I want to invest in the proper lighting in both my bedroom and living room this year, because both rooms would benefit from strong accent lights [lights always complete a room]. I will keep you posted on the progress of my hunt!

 Trend 2018 : Artisan lighting | French By DesignHome of Ilaria and Jérôme, How the French Live, 2018, Gibbs Smith
Trend 2018 : Artisan lighting | French By DesignHome of Vanessa and Ceki, How the French Live, 2018, Gibbs Smith
  • Apricot Pink

I told you pink was not going anywhere! The 2018 pink edition holds bits of apricot hues for a nostalgic character. I am still in utter love with my positively pink entryway!

Trend 2018 : Apricot Pink | FrenchByDesignOur current entryway, painted with Positively Pink by Behr Paint
  • Burnt yellow and warm orange

That gold/ mustard trend is still killing me. So far, I’ve already fallen for a pillow and a sofa throw, and a scarf, and a cardigan on sale… Welp!

Trend 2018 : Burnt yellows and rich oranges | French By DesignGold velvet pillow from Etsy

And now, I am also falling hard for this coming fall hue : warm orange, or whichever fancy name we’re going to end up calling it. I just love this shade, and I’m testing this color in my home; I got some burnt orange (paprika?) velvet fabric online and I’m making a small accent pillow for my bed. I also spray painted an old vintage table lamp in a similar shade (brick red?) and I’m looking forward to experiment with this hue. I’ll keep you updated on the results!

Trend2018 : Burnt Orange | French By Design


  • Global flair

I don’t think global flair decor ever went out of style to be honest. If you have decor pieces brought back from your last safari trip, now is the time to put them in the center of your decor! Think again textures, pompoms, wicker storage or laundry baskets; the possibilities are endless.

Trend 2018 : Global Flair | FrenchByDesignHome of Jessica and Vincent, How the French Live, 2018, Gibbs Smith
  • 3D wallpaper

Wallpaper continues its ascension, but this year, wallpaper is going one step bolder. Think tile-effect or vintage brick-effect wallpaper, large floral dutch masters patterns and oversized scenery prints. 3D wallpaper is also making an entrance, and I expect to see more amazing new wallpaper patterns and designs coming to the decor scene. The future of wallpaper looks really exciting, don’t you think?

Trend 2018 : big and bold Wallpaper | French By DesignFor fun, I tried on a merchant site projecting a picture of mine  of a glorious bouquet, and although the 3D rendering is pretty horrid, it still gives me a good idea about a potential “custom” wallpaper in my future office! Wink.

Which of these trends could you easily adopt in your interior? I’d love to know! Xo, Si-

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