My top #3 this week

Remember my post about “do good, be good, see good“, where I was sharing my top 3s to add some light and positivity in this current dark world? Well, I’d like to do this once in a while – with you – so we can stay positive and hold each other’s hand.

Here are my top 3 this week :

?  I wrote a piece for Travel & Leisure/ Time, Inc and you can read it here. If you are planning a visit in San Francisco – or live here! – feel free to bookmark it and use it, and let me know how it went!

?  My book is available on pre-orders on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles – and your local indie bookstore, of course, because #ShopSmall everyday, right? Dopeness level : 10.

?  We are less than a month away from our family trip to Morocco : a few days in Marrakech, then a road trip to the desert, and a few days glamping [yes, you read that right!] in the Sahara desert with my dear friend and flower whisperer, Tulipina, and her family. I can hardly contain my excitement.

My top 3s of the week - French By Design
Pictured : Miss Daisy – in her element – and my friend Sandra on Rodeo Beach last week during Thanksgiving break. This image makes me truly happy.


Voilà, the week doesn’t look that bad after all! What are your top 3s this week?

Wishing you a beautiful, love-filled weekend. Xo, Si



4 thoughts on “My top #3 this week

  1. “Work like a captain, play like a pirate.” Sounds like you have prepared an amazing trip, and a well deserved family/ friends break. I hope you’ll share some pictures on your Instagram! Morocco is on my wish list….

    1. I will definitely try to share as much as wifi allows. Thank you for your kind words, @Lydia!

  2. Wow! Your top 3’s are unbeatable! SF is on my wish list, but doing it the French way will take everything a whole new level! Congrats on your debut book. Sounds very interesting and I would love to get my hands on it. And last but not least, a trip to Morocco…! I’m filled with envy (in a good sense ;) of course!

    1. Haha, it is a pretty good top 3 list indeed! Thank you for your kind words, @Velvet!

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