Today I’m loving : Tinted Christmas Tree Shaped Mirror

I declare the holiday season officially open! So, to set the mood, I’m sharing a simple and brilliant idea to add an early holiday vibe to your interior. Look at this gorgeous tinted triangle/ Christmas-tree shaped mirror! Isn’t it super simple and very clever? I love how the glass ornaments reflect on the mirror, and add a bit of magic to this simple corner. Do you like it as well?

Today I'm loving : Tinted Triangle Shaped Christmas Tree Mirror

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8 thoughts on “Today I’m loving : Tinted Christmas Tree Shaped Mirror

    1. ???????? Thank you @Mary Jo for your support! I’m so excited as well!!!

  1. I love it! I love mirrors and I don’t like traditional Christmas decorations so I find this beautiful and so chic.

    1. Yep, @Velvet, I hear you – make sure to skip next week’s alternative xmas tree post if you are more into real trees. I do have a house tour post coming that features a real tree though! ;-) Xx-

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