Do good, be good, see good.

Hooray, it’s the weekend!

I must confess that this week has been very hard for me; with everything going on in the news, it’s hard to stay positive and hopeful these days. I mean, if this was a Bravo TV show, it would be funny and entertaining; but it’s not, right?

I also finished writing my book, and it’s in the printing press as you read this. I thought finishing the book would be a huge relief; instead, I feel like I just gave birth, I’m exhausted, and all I want to do is sleep and binge watch anything not related to the world news.

And then I thought about a French family interviewed for a chapter of my book. Their ritual is to share at every family dinner their top 3’s of the day: something they experienced, saw, something that made their day. Each family member gets to share 3 positive things that happened to them that day.

So here is my thought, what if we could all focus on the good, instead of lamenting on the bad and the ugly? Sounds naive, but eh, I’ll try anything to let the light in… Ok, I’ll start, and then, it’s your turn.

My top 3 this week. What are yours? | French By Design

This week, here are my top 3’s:

  • While sipping tea with my youngest daughter, she mentioned that she’d be gone in less than 2 years. Then she asked if she could come for sleepovers at the house once in a while. My heart melted.
  • A small business owner in my neighborhood told me this week that I always looked happy and my smile was contagious. I’ll take that compliment and run with it.
  • I freaking finished my book! ;-)

Your turn now! What are your top 3 this week? Have a lovely weekend my dear. Mwah! Si-



11 thoughts on “Do good, be good, see good.

  1. Gosh, how I love this concept. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself all week, so this mindset is more than welcome. I’ll try to notice my top 3 this weekend, and report back. Thank you for this!

  2. 1. My children are home again after visiting grandmother in cyprus.
    2. There has been mornings with the most beautiful fog
    3. We have booked a trip to Åre

    1. Dang, I had to look up Åre on google and I’m so jealous! Thanks for sharing your top 3 @Emma! Xo-

  3. This is a very uplifting post, Si. I’ve just about run out of emotional reserves this year–with all of the personal upheavals, unending global tragedies. Yet I keep looking for the light, the lightness of life.

    So, here are my, more general three:
    – After a lifetime of fear about it and putting it on my bucket list, I have finally embarked on…yeast bread making. I’ve begun my journey with artisans breads: Ciabatta, cheater sourdough (just baked it earlier, so once it cools I’ll be testing it), my own version of honey wheat skillet bread (it turned out divinely, yippee). I am actually falling in love with bread making, and my husband is happy to be my guinea pig.

    – Hearing my husband describe last night’s dream about “kitty fish.” He was so happy when he woke up thinking about these cute little orange kittens who live in the water, have waterproof furries, and are shy but like to be petted.

    – Cooking up what turned out to be a great chicken sausage frittata with green onions and spices, for breakfast (and serviced with a slice of my newly baked honey wheat bread).

    Making fresh food, more and more with my own recipes, brings me some small bliss and feeling of accomplishment. Now, if I could just turn myself into a superhero and lend a serious helping hand toward making the world a far better place. Must put that on my bucket list.

    xo Ardith

    1. Oh, I love this so much. Also, feel free to send some of your homemade bread my way. Always willing to be the guinea pig on that one. :-)) Thanks so much for adding some extra light to my day, @Ardith!

  4. Bravoooooo!! J’ai vraiment très hâte de le découvrir! Je te souhaite qu’il te serve de tremplin pour de nouvelles expériences stimulantes et créatrices))) Il est maintenant temps de laisser aller. Passe une magnifique fin de semaine!! Ici, nous fêtons l’action de grâce donc longue fin de semaine et les couleurs sont absolument magnifiques ( des arbres;)))

  5. I know this is a bit late, but I think when things are awful, I focus on the behavior of the people who were in the middle of the crisis. It was an reminder that while their is evil in the world there is also so much good. And, that people really love one another. They displayed so much courage and caring as they ran towards the wounded instead of away from them…how they shielded people from gun fire with their own bodies……this is the reminder that people are good, that they have more strength, character and courage and so much love for others that they are willing to risk their life for strangers….. this is who people really are………

  6. 1) My friend Lauren got married
    2) My two year old son said “I love you” for the first time
    3) I’m only 10 weeks away from the birth of my second baby <3

    1. Yay, @Kristin, what a great “good” list! Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations!

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