Ode to Morocco

Hey, guys, hope you had a nice long weekend. I am away on the East Coast for a project, but I wanted to share with you this beautiful video about my beloved Morocco. Going back there for a few days last month made me realize how much I’ve missed this country, and we’re actually planning a trip there around Christmas time with some friends. We’re planning on visiting Marrakesh, Essaouira and camp in the Sahara desert. This video shows the multiple facettes and senses of Morocco, and I can’t wait to go back visit this rich and colorful country.

Have you been to Morocco? What were your impressions?

Credits Antoine Janssens – Soundtrack by Big Gigantic, The Little Things (Kasbo remix)



2 thoughts on “Ode to Morocco

  1. I have never been but your video captures it as I’d imagined. Lucky you! Love the lanterns and fabrics!

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