Weekend links

What a week! I’m so ready to hide in bed for a full 48 hours. I’m sick again, thanks to Maya who brought back another nasty winter bug from school. Yikes.

So before I log off, here are my favorite links this week – and the mood is jovial, because frankly, we all need a bit of distraction in these rough times, don’t you think?

Weekend Sick in Bed | French BY Design

  • Kinda glad Miss Daisy hasn’t learned that trick ;-)

Okay, guys, time to unplug and wish you a lovely weekend. Back to my hot tea, honey and loads of vitamin C. Any fun activities on your side? Xo, Si-



3 thoughts on “Weekend links

  1. Oh crikey, Si, so sorry to hear you’re sick again. I’m raising my mug to your speedy recovery. Cheers, Ardith

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