2017, behind the scenes

And so, in other news, it turns out that 2017 is a fast and furious one. So many highs and lows all at once, I don’t even know if I should pop some champagne or drink myself to sleep. Just when I thought 2016 was a crazy year, it looks like the universe is laughing its a** off on me, saying “hey girl, you’re in for a ride.” In a non-chronological order, here is what’s been going on behind the scenes of the FrenchByDesign blog and our family.

Behind the scenes, 2017 | FrenchByDesign

First, Maya had been complaining about a foot pain. We showed the said foot last year to her pediatrician who said it was a probably an internal wart or a juvenile bunion – and gave us the #nobodygottimeforthis attitude and “please don’t bother me with such non-sense issues” look – you know, the look that makes you think you’re the mama bear that worries too much about nothing. The pain never went away, bothering Maya with any shoe, even sneakers, so a few weeks ago, I requested a follow up appointment with a foot specialist. We left his office with a regimen of icing 3 times a day and an anti-inflammatory cream, and a one-month follow up. A month later, the specialist tells us that the problem and inflammation has clearly not improved, and requests an x-ray on premises, just “to be sure we’re not missing anything”. It turns out we missed, and we missed big. Maya has broken a foot bone – she doesn’t remember how [the x-ray shows literally a puzzle of bones on her left foot where a bone is free floating next to the foot structure] and has gone undiagnosed for more than 6 months. Ouch. And the Mother of the Year award goes again… to me! – as well as the pediatrician who never bothered to cross check the possible pain source with appropriate imagery. Maya is scheduled for an emergency surgery in the coming 2 weeks, with a pre-op visit this week with her surgeon. Bam.

In the meantime, our rental lease is arriving at expiration, and our landlord decided to bump the price of our rental by more than $600 per month. Great. It’s obvious for us that it’s time to go, as much as we loved living in this home. So, of course, we panicked, went to a few open houses, realized how good we had it, and this time, the universe and the stars were aligned, because I visited a 3-bedroom apartment in the Lower Haight neighborhood in San Francisco last week, and I LOVED what I saw : a victorian building top floor flat, inundated with light, spacious, with black painted wooden floors, super high ceilings with period features, brick chimney, I mean the holy grail. We applied and luckily, we got accepted. Even Daisy got the green light! Within a week timeframe, we went from happy renters, to potential homeless to moving to a new dreamy location – Daisy has a dog park within 2 blocks of the apartment, as well as 3 other parks to sniff on a daily basis. I can not wait to show you our new home –  after I’m done dealing with the crappy carton packing phase tough.

Behind the scenes, 2017 | FrenchByDesign

To top all of this off, I have some fantastic news. The cherry on the cake. More like the whole cake as well as a few cherries on it, actually. I was contacted a few weeks ago by a publisher and I just officially signed a book deal for a FrenchByDesign interior design book. Can you believe this? I still can’t. I should correct myself, WE are writing a book, because, my dear, you are just as part of this book as I am. Without your support, your daily visits, your presence, your input, FrenchByDesign would not even exist!

In the coming weeks and months, we will be embarking on an incredible adventure of international travels and home visits for the book. So the blog will naturally evolve with this schedule. I will do my best to prepare posts in advance, but I also want you to come with me and be part of this amazing adventure : the blog will be sort of a traveling blog where you’ll get to experience with me the travel adventures this book project is taking us to. Right now, it looks like we’re going to France [Paris, Lille area, the Provence region, Lyon, and Bordeaux area for now, with more locations to be confirmed], but also Italy, Morocco, and later on, US locations and possibly Canada. I hope you are as excited as I am about this project, and I promise to do my best not to let this crazy schedule affect the pace and quality of the blog.

Please bare with me in the imminent weeks as Maya’s foot surgery and our move preparation will most likely take a little toll on my schedule. We may have more curated content than I’d like, but only to get better original posts once the boxes are open and the new home becomes our family nest. I may need your input on wall colors and other exciting move related decisions.


Thank you for your constant support, your loving and encouraging words, your presence. 2017 may be fast and furious, but hey, what a ride it’s going to be! Stay tuned and buckle your seat belt! With all my love and gratitude, Xo, Si-


Top image Ulas and Merve via The Poetry of Material Things



22 thoughts on “2017, behind the scenes

    1. Haha, yes, a new family doctor is in the plan, for sure. Poor little thing. Thank you @Taste of France. It’s exciting and scary all at once. Adventures, adventures!

  1. Oh my, so many news! Poor Maya, what a terrible experience – yes, I’d look for another pediatrician… :0 Good luck with the boxes, never an exciting part of moving, but oh so excited to see your new home and what you do with it. And the book project is indeed the cake and a kilo of cherries on it!! Congratulations, Si!

  2. i hear you!! 2017 has already involved me selling my house and giving notice at my job – and we’re not even in march yet!
    thinking of you, yoga (and red wine) is helping me!

    1. Oh wow, sounds like your plate is full as well. I hope all these changes are for the better – digitally sipping wine with you @Nicole! Good luck with the transition, thinking of you as well. Xo-

  3. Will I see you when tou come in Provence? Pleaaaaaase :-)
    Good luck for the surgery and the move, I’m not worried for the book though … it will be absolutely fantastic. xx i. ?

    1. Of course you will! I’ll send you an email once my first trip ticket and dates are confirmed. Orangina en terrasse, @Ilaria? :-)

  4. Crikey! Best wishes for Maya’s recovery. Congratulations on the uber cool new home. Sorry about the move. Standing ovation for the book deal. Bon voyage. Big hug. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Bring it on, 2017 – after we’re done with Maya’s surgery though :-/
      Thanks for your constant support, @Ardith!

  5. Hip! Hip! HOurra!! I’M so happy for you and your family!! I’m sure Maya wil be recovering fast with all this good news))) If you come to Quebec city, i would love to show you around, especially the old Quebec where i live with my family!


    1. Yay, comments are appearing, finally!
      Thank you @Clara for your enthusiasm and positive energy – I can feel it for here! Yes to meeting you if my travel adventures bring me to Quebec. I’d love that! Xx-

  6. Greeeeeeeat News ! I hope I’ll can finally meet you when you come to south of France. A cup of wine or a cocktail on the beach?
    And hope Maya will be fine asap !
    Congrats, Si ! :)

    1. Ah mais oui alors! Tu es de quel côté dans le Sud? Je serai probablement basée sur Aix. J’aimerais beaucoup te rencontrer, @Juliana!

  7. oh my god…the last news was indeed the whole freaking cake!! Congratulations!!! That would be a dream!! Okay I’m stopping with the !! hwhahaha…enjoy all the preparations. Good luck in the new home and hope your daughter feels well very soon with a good foot underneath her ;)

  8. First of all, poor Maya! Feel better soon, girl! I still think you shouldn’t blame yourself! I will never understand why US doctors are so hesitant to do an x-ray and take pain seriously. Here in Austria, it’s a no brainer to get the full attention and x-ray and what not to find out what’s wrong!

    I am sure she’ll be bouncing soon again :)

    Yay to the new house and book deal! Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear more about it!!

    xo Martina

  9. Si, I’m just catching up now…A HUGE CONGRATS ON THE BOOK DEAL! So, so , so well deserved. Enjoy this moment!

    I hope surgery and moving are already behind you. Sending good vibes for quick recoveries and strong backs.

    xo, Mary Jo

  10. Oh wow. 2017 is startling all of us I think! Looking forward to your new ventures. plural.

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