Today I’m loving

Today, I’m loving this living space, courtesy of Annika Von Holdt. I mean, that round pink mirror is everything, isn’t it?

Today I'm loving | French By Design

You can see more of Annika’s interior in this whole post dedicated to her home and aesthetics.

I highly recommend following Annika on her Instagram as well : her pictures of her part-time life in the Bahamas are what dreams are made of, and her gorgeous grey hair photography is an ode to aging with grace – and embracing glitter hair!

PS : To copycat this look, a similar pink tinted round mirror can be found here.


Photography courtesy of Annika Von Holdt



4 thoughts on “Today I’m loving

  1. J’observe beaucoup de rose dans les décors ces jours-ci… ne serait-il pas signe d’un rappel ou du besoin de croire que l’amour triomphera sur la haine, le mensonge… Bon début de semaine!!!!

    1. Ah oui, @Clara, il va nous falloir beaucoup de rose dans les semaines et mois qui viennent… ;-) Bonne semaine à toi aussi!

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