Best Valentine’s day recipes

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, so I thought of gathering the cutest food recipes I could find out there. Whether you plan on a breakfast or a signature cocktail, here are a few recipes to make this day special for your loved one[s].

Valentine Recipes | FrenchByDesign

From top left, clockwise : Chocolate cut-out cookiesChocolate covered pretzelsNutella and strawberry heart-shaped pop tartsHeart shaped donuts

If you are more into a savory recipe, I also love the “Love Toast” one!

Valentine Recipes | FrenchByDesign

From top left, clockwise: Rosé RoyalPink Strawberry SangriaRose Lemon Spritzer – Cupid’s Kiss Cocktail

Remember that I also shared a “Kiss on the lips” cocktail recipe a while back, and a “Cotton Candy & Champagne” one here. Xo, Si-



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  1. They look too good to eat! :) And I love how easy to make they are as well. I might actually not wait for Valentines and go for the Rose Royal right away!

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