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Ah, aging. We all go through it and, whether we like it or not, our skin shows it. I, for one, know that I won’t be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery : if my c-section keloid scar is any indication of my skin scarring ability, thanks but no thanks, I’ll pass. But I also deeply believe that aging – and aging gracefully – is a matter of attitude, so I tried to compile here a list of tricks to age beautifully and stay “young” for longer.

Aging gracefully | French By Design

  • Feed your brain

Learn something new every day, every week or every year. My mom learned how to use a computer at the age of 60 so she could interact with her grand daughters via FaceTime and text messages. I am signing up for a coding class this year. When you keep learning new things, you feed your brain and avoid the “old person’s” attitude. Benjamin Franklin said that “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

Aging gracefully | French By Design

  • Stay young at heart

Hang out with the younger crowd and the next generation. I always say that my girls keep me in the ‘swag’ category – at least, I try to keep up! I learn new expressions, new forms of music, which in turn, feed my brain. Aging is a all about attitude! Listen to music [even old tunes!] that makes you happy – and feel free to dance as well! Lately, I’ve been waking up to “Lovely Day” and it instantly pumps me up for the day.

  • Keep stress under control

Stress is our enemy when it comes to aging, and keeping it under control is the best way to stay young for longer. Whether it’s meditation, yoga, pilates or walking/running at the park, keeping your stress levels under control is paramount.

Aging gracefully | French By DesignAging gracefully | French By Design

  • Glow from within

We all know the power of food, but what about your skin? Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate again! Drink more water and feed your skin with ultra hydrating agents. I am currently trying the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream and I must say that within a 10-day-period, I’m seeing some results – especially around my eyes and on my dark spots. I had never tried a retinol cream before, so I can’t really compare, but the Neutrogena’s retinol cream is packed with powerful moisturizing ingredients that leave my skin fresh, nourished and plumped. I had read that most retinol products can be harsh and unforgiving to the skin, but not this one. I give it a big go if you’d like to try.

Aging gracefully | French By Design Aging gracefully | French By Design

  • Get beauty sleep

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep; it’s like a magic pill. Whether your body needs 7, 8 or 9 full hours of sleep, follow your natural sleeping clock and don’t skimp on your beauty sleep. Also, if you use a retinol repair cream, apply it at night, when your skin is at rest and fully able to absorb active ingredients.

Aging gracefully | French By Design Aging gracefully | French By Design

Here is what some of my favorite public figures have to say about aging. Truly motivational, isn’t it? So let’s embrace our glitter hair gracefully, but let’s also keep that youth-in-a-bottle Neutrogena retinol repair cream handy by our bedside table, shall we?  ;-)

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Aging gracefully | French By Design Aging gracefully | French By Design

What is your technique/ beauty secret to aging gracefully? Any tricks you’d care to share?


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9 thoughts on “Forever young

  1. The NYT had an interesting piece on “super agers.” The point isn’t to live to be 100 but to live a full, healthy life up to the end, whenever that may be. Chronic illnesses are taking up a huge part of people’s lives today. Personally I hope to dance until I die.

    1. Oh, thanks @Taste of France, I’ll look into this NYT article. And yes to dancing until the end of the show! Xx-

  2. You look fantastic, Si! Definitely gonna try your secret cream weapon, and love your approach about aging with grace.

  3. Keloid c-section scar warrior here as well! ? Will definitely try to get a sample of that wrinkle cream. Thanks so much for sharing.

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