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The holidays are upon us now, and their many end of year events and parties. Here are a few holidays outfit ideas to celebrate the holiday season in style. Bling bling or black chic, that is the question.

From the classic tuxedo and the little black dress with a twist…

Holiday Fashion 2016 | FrenchByDesign
Black Chic – Sources [clockwise from top left]: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
… To the bling bling, but still classy, dress, skirt, or joggers… I can’t really decide which style I like the most. Can you?

Holiday Fashion 2016 | FrenchByDesign
Bling bling – Sources [clockwise from top left]: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

What look would you go for for this holiday season? More bling bling, or black chic?



5 thoughts on “Fashion | Holiday outfits

  1. I will do a mixt of tuxedo jacket with the sequin jogger or black short flare jeans and high heel!! and a very confortable pyjamas;)))

  2. Hennes & Mauritz has a pricey leather skirt with a pricey 100% cashmere sweater, I’d pick that (if it suits my legs) with a bright orange red lipstick, some really ornate earrings and a pair of Italian handmade men’s shoes in greyish green… Now all I need is the cash to pay for it… But these can last for years ofcourse.

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