A balanced life

My sister texted me last week that we were less than 60 days away from Christmas. Oh, how has this happened, really? And if we are 60 days from Christmas, this means we are also only a couple of months away from new year time and its yearly resolutions.

I’ve already shared on this blog how I feel about resolutions: I am not a big fan. Making drastic efforts every year around the same time only to give up 30 days later is just a waste of time and a mojo killer, don’t you think? So two years ago, I decided I was done playing the silly new-year’s resolutions games with myself and my body. Sure, like everyone else, I have 5 to 10 pounds to lose, but it’s all about balance for me. I like to eat, I like my wine, and I like to entertain. So I try to look at my fitness and health choices as ways to balance out the “good” things I enjoy in life. I’m having a croissant? I’ll take Miss Daisy for a longer walk. I drank a bit too much at a party? I’ll burn it out with a long run.

French By Design x Amazfit French By Design x Amazfit

For the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to try the new Amazfit, a fitness tracking device that looks like a piece of jewelry and tracks my daily steps, calories burned, and sleep – I’ve had a fitness tracker before, but it’s been sitting in my jewelry box because I have to constantly charge it and it doesn’t look really sexy when I dress up or go out on a date.

French By Design x Amazfit French By Design x AmazfitFrench By Design x Amazfit

I love the Amazfit tracker. I like the super sleek and minimalist design, the ceramic core tracking unit that makes the tracker look like a piece of jewelry. It is super light in weight, and one charge lasts up to 10 days. I completely forget about it and I’m always happy when I check on my iPhone app my progress and realize I went above my 10 000-daily-step goal : whether I’m out photographing for the blog or my Instagram feed, walking Miss Daisy at the beach and getting some fresh air to boost my creative juice, or simply hanging out at home and catching up with chores, the girls’ homework or house cleaning, my Amazfit device quietly tracks my every move – the other day, I added a load of steps because I cleaned the entire house. I felt like a true winner! ;-)

French By Design x AmazfitFrench By Design x Amazfit French By Design x Amazfit

Do you track your daily activity? Do you make new year’s resolutions or like me, try to balance your life all year-round?


Photography French By Design © – Amazfit models shown : Moonbeam {pictures 1 through 5} and Equator {pictures 6, 7 and 8}.


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7 thoughts on “A balanced life

  1. I love this so much! Yes to a more balanced life all year round versus gym membership sign ups in January that you cancel in early February! I try to eat healthy and exercise, and I too have a few pounds to shed, but #yolo, right?

  2. Thank you so much for the great review! I had been contemplating getting an Amazfit for weeks (I was waiting for them to offer the rose gold equator) and your review was just what I needed to encourage me to make that purchase. The promo code was icing on the cake. Thank you!

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