Slow Mode

Hey there, pardon for the radio silence this week and the very slow blogging mode. I injured my back and I’ve been stuck in bed with a nasty lumbago and heavy meds to deal with the pain. I’m so drowsy from the meds, I’m having a hard time doing anything that requires much use of my brain cells – except Pinterest, I’ve been pinning like a mad woman lately.

Daisy is taking good care of me [I posted a few snaps on my Instagram story], and we’re Netflix-ing pretty much all day – I’m actually thinking of doing a round-up of all my recommended Netflix finds in the coming days. I’ll be back soon. Miss you guys. Xo, Si-

French By Design

Photo via – more hanging chairs inspiration here.


13 thoughts on “Slow Mode

  1. Yikes and so sorry, Si. I hope you heal quickly. Here’s to pinning and Netflix binging. Cheers, Ardith

  2. You might want to view The Little Prince on Netflix. The paper puppets of the Pilot and Little Prince and the desert images are magical.

    Feel better and thank you for all your posts. I enjoy them very much.

    1. Thanks @Terry, off to Netflix, again! ;-) Thank you also for your kindest words about my blog. It warms my heart to read this. Xx-

  3. Prompt Rétablissement!!! Et laisse qu’on prenne soin de toi;))) Comme maman c’est parfois difficile de laisser aller…

    Au plaisir de retrouver tes publications inspirantes et personnelles!!

    1. Oh, merci beaucoup, @Clara. Malheureusement, Monsieur est en voyage d’affaire en Europe, mais les filles me préparent des pâtes et des grilled-cheese sandwiches! ;) Elles sont au petit soin. Bise!

    1. Oh la la, moi aussi, mais on est en location et je ne peux pas faire de trous profonds sur mon plafond. Bise, @Lou et Swan.

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