Visit | Le Château de Dirac

Located in France near Angoulême, in the Charentes department, the Château de Dirac was patiently renovated room after room for 2 years by husband and wife duo, Isabelle et Hubert, founders of online store Les Petites Emplettes.

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The château is now open to the public as a bed and breakfast as well as an event rental space. Isabelle and Hubert went for simplicity, French art de vivre et a chic-bohemian vibe. You can read more about this beautiful space here.

French By Design French By Design French By Design French By Design French By Design

Photography Yann Deret for Inside Out and Hervé Goluza for Glamour Magazine via Lili In Wonderland


4 thoughts on “Visit | Le Château de Dirac

  1. Interesting how they left the old wallpaper, and didn’t finish the plaster in other places. As we were renovating our apartments, I was tempted to leave the rough plaster, too. But now I’m glad we painted. It works in this charming place because of the relaxed, boho vibe.

    1. Yes, @Taste of France, I think that the bold choice of keeping old features such as wallpaper leftovers, French tomette tiles or old wall plasters add authenticity and character to the space and gives it its bohemian chic vibe. What a fantastic renovation!

  2. Incredible place! They did such a nice rennovation in only two years.
    Indeed that is really interesting that they left pieces of old wall paper or directly naked walls.

    Did they made furniture with old wine boxes? Love it!

    I wish we could see it from the outside!

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