Bits and Pieces : Strolling in Chinatown

Inès and I spent some much deserved mother and daughter time a few days ago; after a couple of ‘shopping’ stops on a very crowded Market street, we headed down to Chinatown. Oh, how I love the colors there, the signages and graphics, the eye-catching lanterns, and the vibe of this neighborhood! I took a few pictures during our exploration trip.

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Inès, posing in front of a side street mural; I love how the hues of the walls match her beanie!

French By Design

… And right behind the main alley of Chinatown, this explosion of colors and the old meets the new San Francisco.


If you are travelling to San Francisco, I highly recommend a visit to Chinatown – maybe not so much for the shopping part of it [although you’ll find plenty of shops filled with food, herbs, porcelains, furniture, fabrics, and trinkets from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan], but the beauty of your surroundings. Xo, Si-


The southern gateway to Chinatown can be accessed on Grant Avenue at Bush Street.


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19 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces : Strolling in Chinatown

  1. Fantastic pictures, I love these colors! And your daughter is gorgeous, Si! Xo, Carolina-

  2. I second that–the colors are wonderful and joyful and your daughter is a beauty.
    It’s so hot here, just seeing the beanie and jean jacket made me go get another glass of ice water.

    1. Ha, I’d gladly trade with you, @Taste of France. After 2 weeks of absolute summer weather, we’re back to a 15 degree celcius weather here in San Francisco :/

  3. Love the colors in these photos. I really liked strolling around Chinatown during our visit, but I did notice I didn’t take that many pictures back then (guess I did have a bit of a jetlag…).
    Your daughter looks gorgeous by the way!

    1. Thank you @Kelly!
      This only means you have to come back again and capture it all! ;-)

  4. When growing up on the peninsula, my mom’s fav thing to do was to drive us to the city, park in the Stockton Street garage, and wander Chinatown. The Canton Bazaar photo brings back so many memories for me! Even as an adult I love it there, and plan to take my daughter there when she graduates. We live in the UK, but for me, the heartstrings tug. Thank you.

    1. Oh, thank you, @Mardell! So nice that you plan on taking your girl to your childhood memories, I love this!

  5. Hello and Happy Friday, Si. Thank you for reminding me of the many fun times I had wandering the streets of Chinatown. I loved the shopping and even more, the food. It’s such a festive area and your gorgeous photos capture it so well. Cheers, Ardith

  6. It amazes me how little Chinatown has changed in the past 40-50 years – loved it then, love it still. I hope it remains the same. A true SF treasure.

    1. I agree, @Peggy. I hope it stays just as it is, SF is changing so quickly, it’s important that these landmarks remain as they are. Xx-

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