Easy tartines

I’m up for anything “tartine”. Tartines [or crostini] are so easy to make, colorful and appetizing and there are tons of toppings to choose from. In France, we use a lot tartines for appetizers or apéros, for easy, low-key entertaining.

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Here are a few tartine recipes and topping ideas I’ve tried lately that really hit the mark with my guests and family. The beauty of tartines is that even if you are not entertaining, they are an easy dinner option with a side salad.

French By DesignPinterest has an extensive selection of tartine recipes, and that’s where I got the idea of roasting blueberries or grapes. Just throw them in an oven dish with some olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs of your choice [thyme and rosemary are my favorites] for 10 mins until they are about to burst, and voilà! Easy, peasy!

Do you have a favorite tartine topping combo? I’d love to hear your take on tartines! Happy “tartining” friends! Cheers, Si-


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6 thoughts on “Easy tartines

  1. I loved the tartines at le Pain Quotidien in Brussels. I’d alternate between boeuf basilic–carpaccio with pesto and shavings of parmesan–and mozzarella/tomato/pesto. My mouth is watering from remembering them.

    1. Oh my, these sound delicious. Must try! Thanks for the tip, @Taste of France!

  2. Tartines are such a simple but delicious (and can be oh so pretty!) nibble to serve! I recently popped some together with different types of fruit toppings, but used a combination of goats cheese mashed and infused with a spoonful of honey as the base spread – it went down a treat (if I may say so myself hehe)!

    1. Woah, your twist to a goat cheese spread sounds divine. Great tip, thank you @Rebecca! Xx-

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