A colorful home in Paris

Welcome to the Parisian home of Marine and Bertrand. Both share a common passion for mid-century design and decorated their flat with iconic design furniture and lots of colorful artwork. I have a special crush on the deep blue paint color used on the kitchen walls and ceiling. What a happy home, don’t you think?

French By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignPhotography: J.M Wullshleger for Inside Out


5 thoughts on “A colorful home in Paris

  1. I clicked on this wondering what kind of wild bohemian place it was going to be (not that it’s bad, but not my style). Instead, I see a very classy, vibrant home. Really great job.

  2. Awesome shade of blue–and even better, as dark as it is, it doesn’t kill the lovely light flowing through the flat!
    Really nice to see a young couple buying lots of original art! Who’s the artist for the toucan-lady silkscreen? Love it.
    Also, it’s soo nice to see people using classic modernist furnishings without trying to make ironic statements by mixing them with kitsch–very refreshing. :-)

  3. This is an amazing apartment! Love the stark white floors and the contrast with colorful rugs and a great mix of classic and funky furniture ! Wow… So inspired!!!

  4. love the vibrant colours in this home and the lights over the dining table and the dining chairs. What a lovely haven to come home too!

  5. This is amazing. Out of this world! I love the colour scheme in the leaving and the kitchen and dinning room are breathtaking.

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