Visit | A pastel home in Denmark

This is the home of Louise, Jesper and their two little ones Merle, 6, and Neel, 4 years old. The home, built in 1947, is located in Hedensted, Denmark, and Louise is a big fan of paint. Nothing escapes her paint brush, from the walls to the flea market furniture and objects she scouts : “We love to decorate with colors and new ideas. I paint anything, the day after I get the idea. And if I regret, I can always paint over again,” says Louise.

Can you spot Rose Quartz – Pantone 2016 color of the year – here and there in Louise’s interior? I am loving the fresh feel of this home. Do you too? 

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Follow Louise’s creative journey on her blog and her Instagram feed.


Photography: F. Heiberg for Bolig


4 thoughts on “Visit | A pastel home in Denmark

  1. Beautiful, light, and tranquil, all pros. One question, how to keep the white floors so spotlessly clean?
    Kudos to the home owner for creating a stunning interior using flea market furniture and paint.

    1. I know right, @Tanya?!
      I think it’s a general misconception that white floors get dirty ‘faster’. The dirt is the same as dark floors, no magic there. As long as you avoid coming in from the yard with dirty stained shoes, it doesn’t make much difference. We had white tile floors in France and I don’t really remember maintaining them more than my current hardwood floors. Coffee and wine stains are not your friends though for sure! :-)

    1. I agree @Jess, I ADORE the stools’ colored feet. What a brilliant idea!

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