International Women’s Day

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4 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. Amen girl!!! I just got another the sink with my three year old daughter and taught her how to fix the garbage disposal. She may not retain the actual ‘fixing’ of it…but i hope to teach her that she doesnt ‘need a man’ for anything…sure it’s nice to have help, and I truly appreciate my hubby…but he’s gone a LOT and I still have to be able to get things done….I want her to be well rounded…and if she wants to wear glass slippers doing it..then rock on baby!!!!

    1. Oh, how I love this! You just won the internet with this comment, @Kate. ♡

  2. It’s about the boys, too. That they need to participate in the household. That they need to practice self-control, whether it’s sitting still and being quiet at appropriate times, or not interrupting.

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