4 Recipes I want to try

I’ve been trying to cook healthier home meals – hello bikini season coming soon! – and experimenting with healthy and organic ingredients. These 4 recipes are on my ‘to-try’ list:

French By Design[Clockwise, click for recipes]: (1) Butternut squash stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese and balsamic glaze – (2) Roasted sweet potatoes with chickpeas, goat cheese and coriander – (3) Chipotle quinoa sweet potato tacos with roasted cranberry pomegranate salsa – (4)  Smashed sweet potatoes with lemon garlic aioli


Do you have any healthy [and easy] recipe to share? I’d love to get your recommendations! Feel free to link back to one of your blog posts or Pinterest board pins in the comment section so I can go have a look and try it! Xo, Si-


6 thoughts on “4 Recipes I want to try

    1. Woah, you seriously rock, @Taste of France. My first summer bikini shot will be dedicated to you! ;)
      Merci beaucoup for sharing your recipes! Xo-

  1. Bonjour Si,

    Quelques recettes que je fais souvent :

    Une salade de lentilles très fraiche : http://thefoxandtheknife.com/salade-de-lentilles-tofu-grille-concombre-radis-et-sesame-noir/

    Un bol complet semoule / carottes rôties / pois chiches / feta au zaatar : http://thefoxandtheknife.com/couscous-de-carottes-pois-chiches-rotis-au-zaatar-et-feta/

    Sinon pour plus d’inspirations mon board pinterest : https://fr.pinterest.com/foxandtheknife/recipes/


    1. Oh la la, ça a l’air divinement bon, et tellement frais et nutritif. Merci @Charlotte!

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