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So many of my girlfriends have ‘honey-do’ lists : painting a room, fixing a hole on a wall, hanging a picture frame, installing a shelf, and so on. I gave up on my honey-do lists, because my better half is sooo bad at DIY, he couldn’t paint a wall if his life depended on it, and injures himself just looking at a hammer. So, #likealadyboss, I’ve learned to do things myself. I paint my own walls, have learned to fix and patch holes in walls, and even learned to do stucco in my previous home. But there is one thing I still need a ‘honey’ for, and that’s technology.

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I’m a big fan of Apple products, because they are pretty easy to set up without much technical knowledge. Yet, many times, I keep asking for help from my +1 to set up things I don’t really feel comfortable with – say the word ‘cloud back up’, and I’m outta here.

I needed to get a new iPad because my first-generation iPad was dying on me and I had heard wonders about the new iPad Pro, with its additional accessories such as the keyboard and the drawing pen. But the machine is so advanced compared to my old iPad, I wanted to learn all the tricks quickly to use it for leisure as well as work. Except, hubby has been traveling extensively lately, and I couldn’t be a lady boss on this one.

That is until I discovered Enjoy. If you purchase a tech product from them, they come and deliver it personally [either to your home, your favorite coffee joint, at work, really, anywhere you choose and feel comfortable with], and you get a personalised one-hour-session with one of their experts. When you checkout, you choose the exact time, day and location where you want the product delivered, and you can get it as quickly as within a few hours of checkout.

French By DesignFrench By DesignEdden showed up at my house to deliver my new iPad Pro and a Play:1 Sonos sound system. Bonus? The service is absolutely FREE! Edden was so patient and fun to work with, took the extra time to answer specific questions I had and gave me personalized advice on how to use my iPad for work, installed wordpress on it, and showed me how to use the iPad pen.

Then, Edden set up the Sonos Play:1 sound system and guided me through the app that allows me to control the machine from my iPhone [as well as my iPad Pro] and play music from different services – Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and so many more – all at once from the Sonos app. I’m in love with my new devices, and so are my girls.

French By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By Design

Maya immediately adopted the Sonos sound system, and it didn’t take long for Inès to grasp the pen concept and start drawing on the iPad Pro.

French By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By Design

When hubby came back from his business trip, I proudly gave him a demonstration of my new devices [Edden would have been super proud of me, because I sounded like a real boss lady this time!] and he’s contemplating buying an additional Sonos Play:5 device and ask Enjoy to come set it up [the devices can be grouped together so you have music in every room of the house, but you can also ungroup them so that you don’t have to listen to your teens’ rap music while you’re cooking in the kitchen ;-)

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If you ask me, I think Enjoy is actually contributing to marriage and couples’ peace, seriously. Big kudos to Edden for his patience, contagious energy, and big wide smile!

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If you are on the market for some new tech equipment, go check Enjoy. Even better, use the code RAF-FBD and get $50 off your first Enjoy order* [* offer valid for any product valued at $100 and above – offer excludes Boosted Boards and Tile products, valid until 4/15/16]. Now go enjoy! Xo, Si-


• This post is a partnership with Enjoy, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make FrenchByDesign possible.


12 thoughts on “Lately at home

  1. Whoaaa, the ipad looks big and nice! Your daughter’s drawing is amazing. Did she do all the drawing only with the digi-pen?

    1. Yes, @Simone, the entire drawing you see was made on the iPad Pro, the pen can do all sorts of technical stuff, like shadows and depth, even calligraphy style, depending how you hold it. I’m fighting to keep the iPad for myself but my girls are constantly ‘borrowing’ it. Real game changer! Have a lovely week!

    1. Haha, @Jess, me too, still working on my Mac for photo-editing, Lightroom, etc… But this iPad Pro is the best for travel and meetings outside of my home office. Much lighter and smaller than a laptop, yet, it does everything! I can even type a document with the retractable keyboard in my pages app, and export it as a Word doc. That’s… if my girls don’t steal the machine from me… fighting hard at the moment ;-)

  2. I used Enjoy to set up my Sonos speakers and loved them as well! But i’m basically staring at your iPad Pro right now and drooling. Its all I want but I can’t justify another 1K purchase!

    And also- this is the first time I’ve heard of a ‘honey-do’ list. My ‘honey’ is like yours-incapable of any home projects so I end up doing all of them!


    1. #Girlpower, @Stefanie! Your comment made me laugh, glad to read I’m not alone. I mean, my +1 has a lot of qualities, just not the DIY and crafty things around the house.

      I LOOVE this Sonos machine as well, the sound is just amazing and I really like the app that controls the music playlists. I think we’ll start saving soon to add more Sonos players around the house. Thanks for your comment, Stefanie!

  3. When I got my first Mac, my husband warned me that he wasn’t going to help me out (he knew only Windows). He was quite amazed that I never needed his help.
    My iPad is getting pretty ancient and fritzing out from time to time, and your new one looks so great. But does Enjoy exist outside the U.S.? We don’t even have an Apple store nearby.

    1. Unfortunately, @Taste of France, Enjoy service is available only in the US – in San Francisco and the New York City area for now. Xx, Si-

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